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Aeroponic Growing Tower System

Aeroponic Tower System

The vertical hydroponic tower actually is aeroponic tower growing system,which is supply plant nutrients by atomizing water.

Compared with hydroponics system, the advantage of aeroponic grow tower is that it can help the roots of plants get more oxygen, use less water and nutrient, these can also help you reduce wastewater generation, and save more cost and technical investment.

Especially suitable for the building of greenhouse hydroponic systems in high-temperature areas, don't worry about the fact that the plant factory does not have complete control technology. Like the phenomenon of the root rotten, caused by the water temperature is too high due to lack of temperature control system.

It can be said, the aeroponic tower system solves the problem that the part of the hydroponics crop types hard to plant, this is on the basis of there is not enough money. And I have to mention that, planting plants in aeroponic towers generally grows faster than hydroponic systems, the average growth rate can be increased by 1.5 to 2 times.

So, before deciding to use other hydroponic systems, you'd better fully understand the charm of vertical hydroponic towers.
Aeroponic Tower Advantages
The bucket has a capacity of 100L, which can meet the water needs of the entire growth cycle of the plant. There are wheels at the bottom of the bucket, which can move freely.
Each layer is an integral structure, which is easy to install and does not leak. The number of planting layers can be customized according to demand.
There are 6 planting holes in a single layer, which is more planted than other tower products.
The internal water flow is uniform and sufficient to ensure the balanced nutrition of plant roots and make crops grow more evenly.
The water tank is equipped with a water level line and an observation hole, which can monitor the water level at any time.
Technical Parameter
Brand name Aeroponic Tower with LED lights
Material Food-grade PE
Size 80*80*180 cm/80*80*220 cm
Weight 45kg/50kg
Layers 7/10
Plant holes 42/60
LED 4 full spectrum professional plant grow lights
Accessories water tank, water pump, timer, wheels, planting baskets and planting sponges and etc.
New Parameter
Brand name New  Tower with LED lights
Material Food-grade PE
Size 50*50*150 cm
Weight 13kg
Layers 6
Plant holes 24
LED 4 full spectrum professional plant grow lights
Accessories water tank, water pump, timer, wheels, planting baskets and planting sponges and etc.
Crop Types
Leafy vegetables
Effect Of Use
Indoor Use
Outdoor Use

This type of system makes the most use of your space. You can place it on a rooftop, in a greenhouse or anywhere else where there is enough light, and it has access to water. It is the ideal solution for small plants like lettuce, spinach, different types of kales, cabbage and aromatic plants. This system uses water in a very efficient way and requires little maintenance.
Customer Feedback And Application
Feedback from Hongkong
Feedback from Chile
Feedback from Nepal
Feedback from America
If your land not yet planned , please give us your demand , our team will give you most satisfactory proposals 
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The water content of the hydroponic pasture is too high. It seems that it will cause diarrhea but not feel full. It feels unreliable
Hydroponic pasture has high water content, and only eat this pasture, some animals will not adapt to it at first, and have diarrhea. We recommend matching appropriate dry feed and gradually increasing the proportion of hydroponic pasture, which can make cattle and sheep eat healthier.
What is the cost and market price of hydroponic pasture?

The cost of hydroponic pasture is about 1.3 yuan per kilogram. Market prices vary from place to place, so you can do some research on the spot.

Dry corn is 2 yuan per pound, and how much is left after drying for a pound of hydroponic pasture?
 If the hydroponic pasture is dried and fed to animals, it will lose its value. Hydroponic pasture can be directly fed to cattle and sheep.
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