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Container Farming

Container Farms

Hydroponic Container Farms
Hydroponic container farms are also named and accepted as indoor farming systems, urban agriculture, peri-urban agriculture (UPA) or vertical farming systems.

These container farms utilize artificial control of light, environmental control of humidity, temperature, gases, fertigation and other environmental factors to set an optimal growth medium for plants.
container-farming360VR 360-degree viewing of the internal structure of the container
Hydroponic container farms are shipping containers as shell and insulated according to climate conditions. Used or new shipping containers are both can be used as outer shell but shipping containers strength is important for long lasting.

The shipping containers are used for these container farms because they are compact, available to transfer everywhere in the world, they are solid and can be customized as a plug and grow machine.
It's a completely turn key agricultural system without worries about the weather, pests, heating prices or water. By growing the equivalent of an acre of field grown crops or 2,200 square feet or 205 sqare meter of greenhouse space within a 320 sq ft or 29 square meter footprint.
Now you can grow any where, any time with Lyine Container farm
Container Farms Advantages

Plug & Grow feature
Automatic climate control
High-efficiency Led Lighting
Automatic nutrient dosing system.
Recycling irrigation system with water filtration
Air flow system
Integrated UV and ozone disinfection systems.
Carbon Dioxide generator and controlling system
Container Farms Main Type
If your land not yet planned , please give us your demand , our team will give you most satisfactory proposals  
Which Crops Could be Planted?
Leafy Vegetables
Customer Feedback From Various Countries
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Middle East Customers
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South Asian Customers
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Plant Factory
A plant factory is a closed planting system that enables growers to stably produce high-quality vegetables throughout the year by artificially controlling the cultivation environment (such as light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, and culture medium).

By controlling the internal environment, plant factories can produce vegetables about two to four times faster than by typical outdoor cultivation. In addition, as multiple cultivation shelves (a multi-shelf system) are used, the mass production of vegetables in a small space is facilitated.

If you are going to build a plant factory, please feel free to give it to us, we will give you the most satisfactory solution
Customized Case Display
Customers can also design and customize the hydroponic system in the container . The complete plant growth environment control system in the container ensures the normal operation of any hydroponic system

If your land not yet planned , please give usyour demand , our team will give you mostsatisfactory propoals !
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Our mission is to shape the future of agriculture by providing efficient indoor farming solutions to produce fresh and contamination free vegetables, fruit, and flowers. Having technology as our back backbone and grow science in our DNA, we wish to support agricultural technicians around the world.

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The water content of the hydroponic pasture is too high. It seems that it will cause diarrhea but not feel full. It feels unreliable
Hydroponic pasture has high water content, and only eat this pasture, some animals will not adapt to it at first, and have diarrhea. We recommend matching appropriate dry feed and gradually increasing the proportion of hydroponic pasture, which can make cattle and sheep eat healthier.
What is the cost and market price of hydroponic pasture?

The cost of hydroponic pasture is about 1.3 yuan per kilogram. Market prices vary from place to place, so you can do some research on the spot.

Dry corn is 2 yuan per pound, and how much is left after drying for a pound of hydroponic pasture?
 If the hydroponic pasture is dried and fed to animals, it will lose its value. Hydroponic pasture can be directly fed to cattle and sheep.
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