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Hydroponic NFT Channel System

Hydroponic NFT Channel System

Hydroponic NFT channel growing system for sale , design, production and installation.
NFT is a hydroponic technique.

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Hydroponic system NFT is a hydroponic technique. The root system of the plant grows in a plastic tube or a fixed channel or planting Engraftment basket, and the nutrient solution is continuously circulation provide the necessary nutrients and water to the plant through the channel.

NFT hydroponic system is most commonly used for growing smaller quick growing plants like different types of lettuce, leafy greens. It is quite popular with home hydroponic growers. Along with growing lettuce, some commercial growers also grow different types of herbs and baby greens. This product has a low investment cost and can recover the cost in a short time.
Hydroponic NFT Channel System Advantages
It has the advantages of growing block, high yield and good quality
The utilization rate of water and nutrients is high
Improve land use efficiency and expand agricultural production space
It is convenient to realize large-scale production of vegetables, save labor, and improve production efficiency
Product Specification
Brand name: Lyine NFT Channel
Material Food-grade PVC
NFT Channel size W,H: 100x100 mm / 100x50 mm / 120x80mm
Planting hole diameter: 30 mm / 50 mm / Customized
Planting hole spacing: 6 holes per meter / Customized
Operating Modes: Closed type NFT channel / Snap-cap NFT channel
Accessories: Net pots + Connector + Drain hole + End Cap
NFT Hydroponic System Main Type
If your land not yet planned , please give us your demand , our team will give you most satisfactory proposals 
Case Rendering Display
Horizontal NFT systems are currently the most popular hydroponic structures in vegetable hydroponic agriculture. It is suitable for users with large planting areas, and is famous for its simple equipment construction, convenient management, low investment cost and uniform plant growth.

The Vertical NFT can effectively utilize vertical space, the same area of vertical system and horizontal system, the planting yield of vertical system is increased by at least 2-3 times for commercial hydroponic project.
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The water content of the hydroponic pasture is too high. It seems that it will cause diarrhea but not feel full. It feels unreliable
Hydroponic pasture has high water content, and only eat this pasture, some animals will not adapt to it at first, and have diarrhea. We recommend matching appropriate dry feed and gradually increasing the proportion of hydroponic pasture, which can make cattle and sheep eat healthier.
What is the cost and market price of hydroponic pasture?

The cost of hydroponic pasture is about 1.3 yuan per kilogram. Market prices vary from place to place, so you can do some research on the spot.

Dry corn is 2 yuan per pound, and how much is left after drying for a pound of hydroponic pasture?
 If the hydroponic pasture is dried and fed to animals, it will lose its value. Hydroponic pasture can be directly fed to cattle and sheep.
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