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Vertical Hydroponics Tower Farming Solutions

Outdoor Tower Farm
When setting up a Tower Farm outdoors as Rooftop, Terrance, Outside Location, the first obvious consideration is the weather and some Tower Farmers operate outside from Spring to Fall season.  And there are movable wheels added at the bottom of the 100L water reservoir, it’s easy move the towers from outdoor to indoor building.  We also provide the adjustable/expendable LED light growing kits are used for indoor during the Fall to Winter seasons.
Indoor Tower Farm
Warehouses/Indoor Building need to be upgraded with suitable insulation and be upgraded/equipped in a way allowing acceptable levels of air exchange.  Furthermore, in most cases, a full Control system needs to be installed for controlling the humidity, the temperature, the CO2 levels, etc.
We provide the unique design of the rotating function of the Tower Farm to save the cost of electric power consumption, and the Tower sections can be stacked according to height of the indoor space.  The Run time will be 10-14 hours per day, depending on the crop, ambient light, etc.
Greenhouse Tower Farm
A climate-controlled greenhouse is the best option to run a Tower farm 12 months of the year especially dealing with the extreme weather, which can be producing uninterrupted harvests.
We provide the modular Greenhouse Tower farm including the Polycarbonate Cover Greenhouse, Seeding nursery growing rack, Vertical Tower product, Nutrient Irrigation system etc.
What’s the average cost of the Tower Farm?
 Regular Density 6P Towers


Plants Per Tower Modular Sections
1 1.6m 42  7
2 2.1m 60  10
3 2.4m  72  12
 4 2.9m 90  15
 High Density 12P Towers


Plants Per Tower Modular Sections
1 1.6m 120  10
2 2.1m 192  16
3 2.4m  216  18
 4 2.9m 288  24
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Comparison of Two Different Types of Tower

Normal Density 6P

High Density 12P
 Density Normal High
Types of vegetables suitable for planting Leafy Greens/Herb Microgreens /Baby Greens
 Yield Per plant 120-200g 25g to 50g
 Planting Ports Per Section 6 12.
Dimensions of Each Tower Section 16cm High/20cm Diameter 10cm High/20cm Diameter
How many Towers Fit in 20FT and 40FT container shipment?
Single Side zip system
Model 20ft Container 40HQ Container
6P7(42 plants per tower) 115 towers 300 towers
6P10(60 plants per tower) 95 towers 240 towers
 6P12(72 plants per tower) 80 towers 200 towers
 6P15(90 plants per tower) 70 towers 170 towers
 12P10(120 plants per tower) 120towers 310 towers
 12P16(192 plants per tower) 80 towers 220 towers
 12P18(216 plants per tower) 70 towers 180 towers
 12P24(288 plants per tower) 55 towers 135 towers
Water & Electric consumption, Labor involved to run a Tower Farm?
How much water does a commercial aeroponic tower use?
On average, a 3 m tall tower (90 growing ports) will consume 6 to 10 L water per day.  Of course, everything depends on the growing conditions, temperatures, and crops being grown.  
 "Aside from an average of 75% space-saving, our towers allow to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs, and Towers using 95% less water than what is required to grow plants in the soil.
How much electricity does a commercial aeroponic tower use? 
Let’s take the example of a Tower Farm featuring 10 towers and the electrical rate of $0.10 per kilowatt.
6P7 Tower - 20 watts per pump x 4.8 hours per day (3 minutes on, 12 minutes off) multiplied by the number of Towers = total wattage/day.
6P10 Tower - 50 watts per pump x 4.8 hours per day (3 minutes on, 12 minutes off) multiplied by the number of Towers = total wattage/day.
Artificial light requirements for indoor Tower Farm?
Indoor Tower Farms featured in airports, convention centers, or any other area of Indoor Building without natural light.
Full Spectrum with blue peak
Full Spectrum deep red peak
Layout design of the Tower Farm
A fully automated Tower Farm features an irrigation system which automatically delivers the water and the nutrients to each individual tower on an as-needed basis. It is fully automated and very simple to 
assemble and operate.

If your land not yet planned , please give usyour demand , our team will give you mostsatisfactory propoals !
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Our mission is to shape the future of agriculture by providing efficient indoor farming solutions to produce fresh and contamination free vegetables, fruit, and flowers. Having technology as our back backbone and grow science in our DNA, we wish to support agricultural technicians around the world.

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The water content of the hydroponic pasture is too high. It seems that it will cause diarrhea but not feel full. It feels unreliable
Hydroponic pasture has high water content, and only eat this pasture, some animals will not adapt to it at first, and have diarrhea. We recommend matching appropriate dry feed and gradually increasing the proportion of hydroponic pasture, which can make cattle and sheep eat healthier.
What is the cost and market price of hydroponic pasture?

The cost of hydroponic pasture is about 1.3 yuan per kilogram. Market prices vary from place to place, so you can do some research on the spot.

Dry corn is 2 yuan per pound, and how much is left after drying for a pound of hydroponic pasture?
 If the hydroponic pasture is dried and fed to animals, it will lose its value. Hydroponic pasture can be directly fed to cattle and sheep.
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