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How to Customize the Aeroponic Tower System of Lyine Group?
Those who understand our Lyine hydroponic system can know that our hydroponic system can be customized, especially the tower system, so do you know how to custo...
How to start an indoor vertical hydroponic vegetable growing farmhouse?
Could a dedicated hydroponic vegetable production space be built indoors? We can tell you for sure, of course. Because our Lyine team has already established su...
What hydroponic system is suitable for greenhouse vegetable cultivation?
Growing hydroponic vegetables in a greenhouse is the choice of many people. In January, the vegetables in our greenhouse project in Wuhan can be said to have a ...
What's the best way to grow cilantro indoors?
Have you ever grown cilantro at home? The planting process of coriander is not very complicated. If you find a good planting method, coriander is easy to mature...
How To Grow Hydroponic Mint Indoors With Tower System?
Peppermint is a perennial herb used to make tea, which can clear the heart and improve eyesight, and can also be used as medicine to treat symptoms such as cold...
Harvest Hydroponic Vegetables Indoors in One Month-Smart Vegetable Grower
The hydroponic vegetables we grow indoors with smart vegetable growers can be harvested in about 30 days. The vegetable planter has 5 layers and is planted vert...
Install 4P6 Hydroponic Planting Tower System Without Lights
Do you like our 4P6 hydroponic grow tower system without lights? The following are our installation steps, hoping to help your hydroponic planting.1. Place all...
The Installation of 4P6 Hydroponic Tower System With Led Light
In 2023, we have developed a new hydroponic tower system, which is suitable for home hydroponic cultivation and distribution. So how to install this hydroponic ...
Best Home Hydroponic Grow Tower Systems With Lights of 2023
This is our newly developed hydroponic tower system in 2023, which is very suitable for home use and distribution. After being produced, it has been loved by ne...
Harvesting Hydroponic Lettuce in the Tower Garden
Today the hydroponic lettuce we planted on the tower garden is ripe and we are starting to harvest.It takes about 20 days for the lettuce to mature on the tower...
How to Plant in the Hydroponic Aeroponic Tower System Garden?
I believe that there are many hydroponic gardening enthusiasts now, if you want to grow hydroponic vegetables and fruits in the tower garden, you need to know h...
What hydroponic vegetables can beginners grow with the NFT system?
The NFT system is a nutrient film technology, and most vegetables can be grown with the NFT system. As a beginner, hydroponic planting with the NFT system is ve...
Two Ways to Grow Strawberries Indoors - Hydroponics and Substrate Cultivation
How do you grow strawberries? We are doing a strawberry planting experiment. Which one is better for hydroponic strawberries or substrate cultivation? Let's ta...
How to Grow Hydroponic Italian Lettuce at Home?
For crunchy Italian lettuce at home, you can try growing it hydroponically at home. Italian lettuce is rich in nutrients and is one of the more popular types of...
How To Plant Cherry Fruit Radish With Tower System In Hydroponics?
Do you like to eat carrots with cherry fruit? Or maybe if you've seen it, you'll love it. We used the tower system to grow cherry fruit radishes, and share w...
What Vegetables Can Be Grown In The Hydroponic Tower System?
If you own a tower system at home, or a tower system greenhouse, you probably use it to grow a variety of vegetables and fruits. We have grown a lot of crops us...
Manila Grass Hydroponic Planting Experiment
If you want a large lawn that is real, green and resistant to trampling, then see how it can be grown.What are the characteristics of Manila lawn?Manila lawn is...
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