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How to Grow Hydroponic Italian Lettuce at Home?

For crunchy Italian lettuce at home, you can try growing it hydroponically at home. Italian lettuce is rich in nutrients and is one of the more popular types of lettuce. We grow Italian lettuce indoors hydroponically in tower system and it grows really well.  
Compared with other lettuces, Italian lettuce tastes a little sweeter. It is suitable for salads or burgers, and it is more suitable for direct consumption. It is better to choose Italian lettuce when eating barbecue.
Before growing lettuce in hydroponics at home, we need to prepare some seeds, tower systems, planting baskets and rock wool, etc. After preparation, the hydroponic planting will be smoother.
Step 1: Sowing the Seeds
After the Italian lettuce seeds are soaked, put them in the groove of rock wool, put 1-2 seeds in a rock wool, and spray the seeds with water. Pour water into the tray with the rockwool seeds, just a quarter of the way up the rockwool.
Step 2: Wait for Germination
Put the tray with seeds into our seedling machine, keep the temperature at 15-25 degrees, keep the light at 16-18 hours, and you can see sprouted lettuce in three days.
Step 3: Transplanting
Transplant the germinated lettuce seedlings into ebb and flow table system. We can put the rock wool that carries the seedlings into the planting holes of the ebb and flow table system one by one. Note that the rock wool is connected together, and you need to be careful when handling each piece of rock wool.
After transplanting the lettuce seedlings, we can wait for the Italian lettuce to grow.
 Grow Hydroponic Italian Lettuce
Step 4: Waiting to grow and harvest
When the leaves of Italian lettuce grow 5-6 pieces, we can also transplant it to the tower system to grow, but we need to take the Italian lettuce out of the planting hole of the tidal seedbed, and wrap its roots with rock wool Put it into the planting basket, and then put it into the planting hole of the tower system, and it can be harvested in about 30 days.
This planting process seems to be a few simple steps, but in the process of our own hydroponic planting, we must also pay attention to the light, temperature, nutrition and various debugging parameters of the lettuce system. The little guys are very friendly.
Grow Hydroponic Italian Lettuce02
Hydroponic Planting System
- Ebb and flow table system 
The ebb and flow table system is easy to manage. It is divided into flat and vertical flow table. If you want to save area for indoor planting, you can choose vertical flow table.
-Tower system
Aeroponic tower system and rotating tower system are two commonly used types. Vertical planting, equipped with plant growth lights, can save planting space and help plants grow indoors faster.
If you want to grow hydroponic lettuce, you can try our method of hydroponics. Our lettuce is grown by hydroponics, very reliable, you can communicate with us.
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