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How Are Hydroponic Growing Systems Used In Various Fields In Dubai?

I believe that many of us know that Bustanica, the world's largest hydroponic vertical farm, is in Dubai. This hydroponic vertical farm uses water recycling technology, so it consumes less water than traditional planting. In addition, the Bustanica hydroponic vertical farm will produce more than 1 million kilograms of green leafy vegetables every year, so that both the vegetable self-sufficiency rate and the hydroponic technology will be improved locally.

The influence of hydroponic vertical farms in Dubai is very wide. Of course, the construction of vertical farms requires a certain amount of manpower and material resources, so you must consider it before choosing to build.


In Dubai, if you want to grow vegetables and fruits on a large scale, building a greenhouse is the first choice. In the greenhouse, you can grow a variety of vegetables with hydroponic systems, almost anything can be grown, such as arugula, kale, lettuce, spinach, strawberries, eggplant, etc. Many people will use substrate cultivation to grow tomatoes, because drip irrigation technology is in the local area is still very advantageous.

hydroponic zip greenhouse

Although the outdoor temperature is very high, elements such as temperature and humidity can be adjusted through sensors and related equipment in the greenhouse, because hydroponic planting is used in the greenhouse, and after being away from the soil, there is no need to use pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Therefore, the grown crops are green and healthy.

Vegetable container agriculture

In addition to growing in a greenhouse, you can also choose to grow in containers, and container farming is becoming more and more popular. It is very convenient to adjust the growth conditions of various crops inside the container through a mobile phone.

In the container, you can use common hydroponic systems such as hydroponic tower system, ebb and flow table system and NFT system as the main planting equipment. Usually, the vegetables grown in the container will mature in about 30 days.

container farming

After the seedlings are raised, the seedlings can be directly transplanted into the container, which is equipped with various temperature control systems and LED plant growth lights, which also ensures that the crops can grow healthily inside the container.

A 40-foot container can plant 5,000-6,000 vegetables, which can be planted all year round without being affected by the local climate. At the same time, water and nutrient solutions are recycled, saving water and energy. This is also the advantage of container agriculture.

Home Hydroponic Planting System

In the case where you want to grow at home, there are some beautiful and practical hydroponic systems to choose from, the tower system is the hydroponic equipment that many people will choose. Not only the number of planting seeds can be customized, but also the automatic system can save you more time and effort.

4P6 hydroponic tower system

Hydroponic experiment classroom

In addition to placing hydroponic systems at home, hydroponic technology will also be used in experimental teaching in schools. You can put some hydroponic systems in the classroom to attract students' attention, tell them about hydroponic planting techniques, and cultivate students' hands-on ability.

In addition, you can share the vegetables grown in the classroom with teachers and students, and enjoy the fun of hydroponic planting and harvest results!

In many parts of the world, hydroponics has been applied to various fields, such as homes, schools, restaurants and hotels, where hydroponics exists. If you are interested in hydroponics, welcome to browse more.

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