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Hydroponics in the UAE: Revolutionizing Agriculture for Better Growth

In the UAE, hydroponics, vertical farming and drip irrigation are three very important parts. In the agricultural development of the UAE, these three parts have been playing a role, which has also made the agricultural development of the UAE better and better.
UAE climate
The UAE has a tropical desert climate. Summer is hot and humid, with less precipitation throughout the year, mostly concentrated in winter. It can be said that there is little rain in the UAE, which also limits the development of agriculture in the UAE.
Due to the climatic conditions in the UAE, traditional soil planting is not suitable in the UAE, but in order to develop agriculture, the local government and people are constantly innovating. In this case, hydroponics has become a better choice.
Hydroponics is a planting method that does not use soil, but only uses water and nutrient solution. Some people may be wondering, does hydroponics waste water resources? In the UAE, water resources are still very precious. I can tell you exactly that although the method of hydroponics uses water, it adopts the method of water circulation. Compared with traditional planting, hydroponics is more water-saving.
6P10 hydroponic tower system
Now hydroponic is becoming more and more popular. Many hydroponic gardening enthusiasts like to grow vegetables at home, so they will buy some hydroponic systems, such as various types of hydroponic tower systems, indoor hydroponic grow cabinets and NFT system, etc. You can use these hydroponic equipment to grow your favorite vegetables, such as lettuce, cabbage, spinach, shallots, kale, and strawberries. The hydroponic vegetables can be harvested in about a month. Enjoy the fun of hydroponic planting, At the same time, you can also enjoy the results of your own hydroponics.
Vertical farming
Why is vertical farming so popular? Vertical planting is perfect if you want to grow more crops in a limited space. This is also a distinctive feature of vertical farming, where more vegetables can be grown upwards within a limited area. Especially indoor hydroponic vertical farms, which use hydroponics and plant growth lights to grow crops by using LED lights and nutrient solutions.
vertical farming
In the UAE, vertical farming can be described as a high-tech planting technique. A large indoor vertical farm can sometimes produce a ton of vegetables a day. These vegetables are fresh, green and healthy. They can be eaten by themselves or sold to restaurants, hotels and supermarkets. It is a good idea. Vegetable distribution channels.
Drip irrigation technology
Drip irrigation is also commonly used in the UAE. Our Dutch bucket system uses this drip irrigation technology, especially for growing cucumbers and tomatoes with Dutch buckets. It is water-saving and practical, and is very suitable for greenhouse planting.
Dutch bucket system
By the way, we have established very good trade contacts with many friends in the UAE. Whether it is online or offline, we are actively answering customers' questions about hydroponics. In October last year, our team participated in the Dubai Agricultural Exhibition. In March this year, our team went to the Middle East to guide customers' hydroponic projects. Now we are still serving customers in Dubai. If you need, You can also contact us.
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