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Indoor Automated Microgreen System: The Best Way to Grow Hydroponic Sprouts

Do you like sprouts? Bean sprouts and some microgreens are nutritious and can be eaten at home no matter the season. If you're looking to grow microgreens, we can teach you how to plant, especially hydroponic sprouts, which you can grow indoors anytime.
We often use the microgreen system to grow sprouts indoors, such as bean sprouts and alfalfa sprouts. In addition, we can also use the microgreen system to grow vegetable seedlings and grow hydroponic fodder.
Microgreen System
What is Microgreen System?
The microgreen system is a kind of hydroponic equipment for growing sprouts and micro vegetables. Its size can be customized. The small microgreen system can be used indoors, and the large microgreen system can be used for commercial seedling cultivation.
The microgreen system can be placed in the kitchen, balcony and other places at home. Regardless of whether the light is sufficient or not, it only needs a small space to grow micro-vegetables. Sprouts grow from seed to growth, as long as you pay a little attention to the microgreen system, you don't need any special skills, and you can quickly master the planting method.
Dimensions of the microgreen system
The regular 3-1 microgreen system is 100 cm long, 70 cm wide, and 103 cm high, making it ideal for home use.
3-1microgreen system
Main accessories of microgreen system
LED Grow Light
LED Grow Light
PVC trays: 3-1 microgreen system is equipped with 6 one-meter-long PVC trays. There are drainage holes at the end of the trays, which are not easy to produce water accumulation.
Wheels: The bottom of the microgreen system is equipped with four wheels, 2 universal wheels and 2 directional wheels, for easy movement.
In addition, the microgreen system is also equipped with plant growth lights, water inlets, drainage channels, water tanks, and water pumps. These accessories can provide conditions such as water and light for the growth of crops, allowing sprouts and micro vegetables to grow indoors smoothly.
What kinds of sprouts can be grown in the microgreen system
Pea seedlings
Alfalfa seedlings
Green bean sprouts
soybean sprouts
black bean sprouts
Radish seedlings
Toon Seedlings
Fodder seedlings
How to grow sprouts with microgreen system?
Step 1: Soak the Seeds
When you start hydroponic sprouts, first pick healthy and plump seeds and soak them in clean water to wash off the impurities on the surface, then put them aside and let them stand for 12 hours until the seeds become swollen due to soaking in water.
Step 2: Grow seedlings with seedling trays
Prepare seedling trays of appropriate size, wash and disinfect them, and dry them with water. Put 2 layers of absorbent paper or clean gauze on the bottom, and spray the absorbent paper at the bottom to make it completely wet.
Step 3: Plant and Grow
Spread the seeds used for hydroponic sprouts evenly on the seedling tray, the thickness of the bedding is about 1.5 cm, and then pour water into the chassis. Exceeding the pallet shall prevail. Put it in a semi-shady and ventilated place, and the ambient temperature is controlled between 20-25 degrees.
Step 4: Harvest
During the period of hydroponic sprouts, the water in the chassis should be changed every day, and the sprouts can be harvested after waiting for about a week, and can be harvested with a knife or scissors.
Sprouts such as toon seedlings and radish seedlings will no longer grow after being cut once, so they can only be harvested once; while sprouts such as peas and wheat can be cut from the nodes on the sprout stem when harvesting, and new ones will be grown in two days Sprouts can also be regrowth from the nodes, allowing for multiple harvests.
If you like sprouts, you can grow them in hydroponics indoors or on a large scale. Our microgreen system has various models, which can help you better. If you are interested, welcome to learn more.
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