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The Best Hydroponic System for Greenhouses in Saudi Arabia: A Comprehensive Review

In Saudi Arabia, have you grown hydroponic vegetables? What hydroponic equipment was used to grow it? If you were starting a hydroponic project, which hydroponic equipment would you choose? Our team participated in exhibitions and inspections in the Middle East last year, and had more in-depth exchanges with local hydroponic growers.

In the Dubai Agricultural Exhibition in October last year, our Lyine team to participate as scheduled. At the exhibition, friends from Saudi Arabia had a pleasant exchange with our personnel about hydroponic planting. Afterwards, we visited the homes of Saudi friends to understand customers real needs.

Dubai Agricultural Exhibition

Now, our team has gone to the Middle East again, because the client's hydroponic project needs our guidance. The hydroponic equipment of our Lyine team can be said to be very popular in the Middle East, so let's learn more about what hydroponic equipment is more popular.

-Aeroponic tower system

The aeroponic tower system can be said to be very popular in Saudi Arabia. Whether it is a personal indoor planting or a large-scale hydroponic greenhouse project, the hydroponic tower system is the first choice of many people.

6P7 hydroponic tower system

The number of planting layers of our aeroponic tower system can be customized, and you can choose your own planting quantity. In Saudi Arabia, the temperature is relatively high and land resources are very limited. Hydroponics is undoubtedly a good choice. Many friends in Saudi Arabia are very interested in hydroponics. There are novices in hydroponics planting and dealers in hydroponics equipment. They all think that the hydroponics industry has great development prospects, and our aeroponic tower system can grow a variety of green leafy vegetables. For example, lettuce, salad greens, coriander, etc., peppers can also be planted, and the design of the water cycle is more water-saving, which meets the needs of customers.

-Hydroponic fodder container

If you are farming in Saudi Arabia, there may be a lack of fodder. Our hydroponic fodder containers are fully automated fodder growing equipment, and the fodder can be harvested in 7 days when it is grown, and will not be affected by weather or climate. You can grow in the containers all year round, and animals such as cattle and sheep can eat fresh fodder.Customers in Saudi Arabia bought our hydroponic fodder container, and the planting effect is very good.

Hydroponic fodder container

Of course, in Saudi Arabia, Dutch buckets are also commonly used substrate cultivation equipment. If you have a greenhouse, you can grow cucumbers and tomatoes in Dutch buckets, and some greenhouses are cooled in summer and heated in winter, which is very practical.

The benefits of hydroponics are that it facilitates plant nutrient uptake, reduces the risk of root rot, and promotes rapid plant maturation.

Hydroponic equipment adopts vertical planting, which requires only a small space. Compared with traditional agriculture, water consumption can also be reduced by 90%.

In the face of future food challenges, hydroponic technology has attracted more and more attention, especially in countries with arid and semi-arid climates, hydroponic vertical farming can be said to be a good solution. There are also many people who have set up indoor hydroponic farms to grow vegetables and fruits indoors all year round. In the future, this will also be a better way to grow.

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