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Vertical Aeroponic System For Sale: Fast-growing And High-yield Indoor Grow Equipment


As is well known, the Middle East region is rich in underground oil resources, and currently has the largest oil reserves, production, and export volume in the world. The Middle East is rich in oil resources, but water resources are very scarce. This is because most of the Middle East has a tropical desert climate, with less precipitation, few rivers, and large desert areas on the surface.

Vegetables can grow in water culture, substrate culture, and also in aerosol culture. Aeroponic system is a very effective system in the agricultural field, which aims to eliminate the cultivation substrate by planting crops without soil and spraying water and nutrients directly onto the roots of plants.

Here, I would like to focus on the Vertical Aeroponic System. This planting technology not only saves water and soil resources, but also greatly saves space resources.

vertical farming technology

Vertical farming is not to plant crops at a single level, such as in the field or greenhouse, but to produce food at a vertically stacked level, such as container planting.Applying aerosol culture to vertical cultivation can not only save water and soil resources but also increase crop yield per unit area. Ideal for countries like the Middle East where water resources are scarce.

Three advantages of Vertical Aeroponic System 

Increase crop yield per unit area.

Aeroponic System uses atomizers to atomize the nutrient solution, which is directly absorbed by the crop roots, making nutrient absorption more direct and increasing the utilization rate of water and fertilizer. The vertical cultivation method can also efficiently utilize vertical space. Therefore, in unit area, Vertical Aeroponic System can grow more crops and the growth rate of crops under aerosol cultivation is faster. This results in higher crop yields per unit area.

Compared to other soilless cultivation techniques, it is more water-saving.

Aeroponic cultivation is one of the most water-saving cultivation modes, especially suitable for developing aerosol cultivation production in environments where water resources are scarce, such as developing agriculture in areas where freshwater resources are scarce such as deserts and isolated islands. Its water-saving efficiency can reach 90%, and it is the production technology with the highest utilization rate of water resources in water-saving agriculture, which is related to its closed-loop circulating liquid supply production.

the aeroponic system

Reduce environmental pollution issues.

Because there is no need to use soil for planting, reducing the likelihood of pests and diseases, there is no need to use pesticides to prevent and reduce the use of pesticides, which can completely eliminate environmental pollution issues. In addition, this planting method allows the root of the crop to be completely suspended in the air for cultivation, achieving crop growth through the moisture of the atomized nutrient solution, and the water resources in the system can be recycled, without worrying about the waste of water resources.

Vertical Aeroponic System is the direction of future agricultural development. One of the biggest problems restricting agricultural development in countries such as the Middle East is water sources. However, the power of science and technology is strong, and under the same conditions, with technological progress, the level of agricultural output will also increase on a large scale. The representative of the strong agricultural technology in the Middle East is Israel. Israel is vigorously developing new types of agriculture and striving to achieve food self-sufficiency.

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