Indoor Farming System

Indoor Farming System

Vertical Indoor Growing System
indoor Farming is essentially using limited space and resources to grow plants in controlled environments in areas that may not otherwise be conducive to either year-round growth or growth cycles that are fast enough to fully meet demand.
Optimize your space, improve your production efficiency and consistency, and preserve your cultivated products longer, with one of our customizable indoor vertical farming solutions. Scalable and expandable, as well as designed to support heavy loads, they will accommodate all the components required for your vertical farming production and its growth. With our mobile indoor vertical farming solutions, you can maximize the square footage of your space gradually. 
With everything from programmable control systems for irrigation and fertigation to hydroponic racking, pumps, and our own proprietary LED grow lighting to simulate natural light, lyine indoor farming solutions are specifically developed for your environment to quickly increase your income while respecting the demanding standards of your market. More grow area, improved accessibility, upgradeable to multiple tiers and optimized safety - that's what our indoor vertical farming solutions are all about!

Types of Indoor Farming

The biggest advantage of indoor farming is that it allows growers to optimize the growing process for higher yields.Droughts, storms, insect infestations and all the other hazards of growing outdoors are eradicated.

Aeroponic Tower System is a complete indoor grow system with automated remote control. You can purchase our fixed styles directly, or customize the size according to your needs.

The whole package is transported, and the family planting can be started after the water and electricity are connected.


Small-scale hydroponic indoor farms are also developed on the basis of this hydroponic cabinet, like backyard vertical farming at home, rooftop, basement, or garage. Easier to assemble, and arrange.

Automated indoor vertical growing system for the home garden. Usually, we provide standard sizes as length of 850mm, width 360mm, height 1800mm.

4 layers, each layer has 18 planting holes, and each hydroponic cabinet can grow 72 plants.

3 LED grow lights on each layer, full spectrum, to meet the photosynthesis needs of various vegetables.

Confined spaces can maintain sufficient temperature  humidity, and prevent pests.

Compared to planting on the rooftop, many people are increasing their income streams by setting up indoor farms in vacant areas such as office buildings, residential complexes, basements, etc.
Moreover, clients with serious urbanization and few land resources have more and more demands for this.
If you’re interested in this business, you can get started to know with our indoor farm showroom.
Indoor Warehouse Farming

The warehouse is a common site for large-scale indoor farms, because of its sufficient vertical height without too many obstacles, it can flexibly design.

Before your order starts, we will help you understand all aspects of the hydroponic farm project, and provide information and references.You can make a judgment on whether to start this business in a short time.

Hydroponic fodder container is a new fresh fodder planting mode for animals.the system is automatically controlled by Programmable Logic Controller,automatic control via touch screen on the control panel.The system could provide the most suitable required environment for the fodder growth with energy saving,water saving,labor saving,environmental Protection,healthy.
Hydroponic fodder container system is an ideal solution for proving fresh fodder for animals bcz of high protein content,especially suit for any places with harsh growing environment such as land lacking,land barren,desert,very hot & super cool climate.
If your land has not been planned , please tell us your demands , our team will give you the most satisfactory proposals
Is Indoor Farming a Good Investment?
Commercial indoor farms are undoubtedly a good investment. However, most people only pay attention to the investment in the construction of the farm itself, which is not enough.

Then, we can help you plan the vertical farm, provide design drawings, product list, project cost, annual output estimate, and so on.At this point, you can judge for yourself whether indoor farming is a good investment, they come from weighing between input and output.
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Our mission is to shape the future of agriculture by providing efficient indoor farming solutions to produce fresh and contamination free vegetables, fruit, and flowers. Having technology as our back backbone and grow science in our DNA, we wish to support agricultural technicians around the world.

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The water content of the hydroponic pasture is too high. It seems that it will cause diarrhea but not feel full. It feels unreliable
Hydroponic pasture has high water content, and only eat this pasture, some animals will not adapt to it at first, and have diarrhea. We recommend matching appropriate dry feed and gradually increasing the proportion of hydroponic pasture, which can make cattle and sheep eat healthier.
What is the cost and market price of hydroponic pasture?

The cost of hydroponic pasture is about 1.3 yuan per kilogram. Market prices vary from place to place, so you can do some research on the spot.

Dry corn is 2 yuan per pound, and how much is left after drying for a pound of hydroponic pasture?
 If the hydroponic pasture is dried and fed to animals, it will lose its value. Hydroponic pasture can be directly fed to cattle and sheep.
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