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Container Farming: Exploring the Possibilities of Hydroponic Vertical Growing


Do you know about container farming? The very popular planting method now is container farming, which can bring you convenience and more vegetables, and it will become more popular in the future development of vertical farming.

Compared with traditional agriculture, container growing vegetables have many advantages. First of all, hydroponic container agriculture can be planted and harvested all year round without relying on natural sunlight and precipitation;

Secondly, we can build our own water circulation system for container agriculture, and the water consumption will be reduced by more than 80%;

In addition, growing vegetables in containers can be isolated from the outside world, and the crops in the container are also free from pests and diseases, without the use of pesticides. Using hydroponics, traditional chemical fertilizers are not required, and the vegetables produced are also green and healthy.

It is precisely because of these advantages of container farming that it has gradually come into people's vision, and you can use it to grow many crops, such as green leafy vegetables, herbs and peppers.

Vegetable Container Farming for Dubai Customers

If you want to grow green leafy vegetables in container farming, such as various types of lettuce, coriander and peppers, you can like to use tower system containers, zipper system containers and NFT system containers, etc. These hydroponic containers are very suitable for growing leafy vegetables Class plants.

We have a customer from Dubai. Because the local climate is dry and there are many deserts, the vegetables there are dependent on imports, so the price is relatively expensive. The customer wanted to grow vegetables by himself, but it was not easy to grow them due to the climate, so after searching for information, he chose container farming.

The customer chose the zip system container to grow lettuce. This method is three-dimensional planting, which can grow more vegetables in a limited space, and can be self-sufficient. The customer is very satisfied with fresh vegetables.

zip container

Barbados Mushroom Container Farming

One of our friends from Barbados wants to start mushroom container agriculture. The customer is concerned about the size of the container, automation and control systems, and aseptic laboratories. After we communicated with the customer in detail, the customer is also very satisfied, and One of our customers from Japan has successfully grown mushrooms in containers.

Mushroom Container Farming

Austria Hydroponic Fodder Container

A friend from Austria hopes to find a way to grow hydroponic fodder without being affected by the weather. After learning about hydroponic fodder container agriculture, the customer communicated with us, and we explained the output of our seeds and fodder to the customer The ratio is as high as 1:8, or even 1:9. After the fodder can be produced in the container all year round, the customer likes this planting method very much. Finally, we recommended our 1000 kg hydroponic fodder container to him, which can feed about 100 cow.

Hydroponic Fodder Container

There are many ways of container agriculture. Inside the container, the planting frame is divided into multiple layers, and the container and the planting frame can be stacked in multiple layers, which minimizes the occupation of land. For areas where land resources are tight, vertical farming has strong appeal.

Are you interested in container farming? Welcome to learn more.

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