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Grow Lettuce in 4 Weeks with NFT Hydroponic System for Beginners

We are a professional hydroponic equipment manufacturer, so our hydroponic technology is also reliable and professional. We can not only provide you with a variety of hydroponic planting systems, but also provide you with hydroponic design, professional planting technology, construction and after-sales services. To this end, we are also constantly researching hydroponic planting technology. Let's take a look at how we grow hydroponic vegetables.
We have a space dedicated to growing vegetables indoors. There are various hydroponic systems in it. We use these hydroponic systems to grow hydroponic crops, record and summarize hydroponic planting experience, and hope to provide customers with better planting results.
There is good news today that the butter lettuce we planted on the NFT system is about to be harvested. We are very excited to see such a small hydroponic equipment full of green vegetables, from seedlings to harvest.
Butter Lettuce Value
Butter lettuce is a variety of lettuce, sweet and slightly bitter, emerald green in color, crisp and fragrant in taste, so named because it is suitable for eating raw. It contains more dietary fiber than cabbage and can eliminate excess fat, so it is very suitable for family consumption.
Butter Lettuce

Planting Time
Our butter lettuce took 4 weeks from transplanting to harvesting in the NFT system, and it took 15 days for the lettuce seedlings to grow. In general, it takes about 45 days or even earlier from seed to harvest.
NFT System
This time we harvested 72 heads of butter lettuce with the NFT system. Regarding the NFT system, we would like to recommend you to use it. Especially if you are new to hydroponics, the NFT system is very suitable for you to grow.
flat NFT system
There are two types of NFT systems, one is flat and the other is vertical, we use flat, if you want to save space, you can use vertical. The flat NFT system we used this time is about 180cm long, 75cm wide, and 100cm high. If you also like this type of NFT system, you can try this hydroponic equipment for planting.
How to Harvest
When we harvest butter lettuce, we use a knife to leave the root, and remove the stem and leaves above, because the roots of hydroponic plants are very developed, you can also pick up a whole vegetable, but when the vegetable grows relatively When it is large, the roots are relatively large, and it is not easy for us to remove it from the planting hole of the hydroponic equipment. So you can assist with harvesting with a knife.
hydroponic vegetable root
Lettuce Recipe
We can make the following delicacies with butter lettuce after harvest:
Butter Lettuce Salad
Creamy Lettuce Salad
Butter Lettuce Wraps
Of course, you can also eat roast meat wrapped in butter lettuce, which is also delicious.
Small NFT systems can be used indoors. If the size is larger, they can be used in greenhouses and containers, because NFT systems are also an important equipment for hydroponic projects.
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