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How to Start A Hydroponic Farm Growing Leafy Greens?

Are there hydroponic tower farms in Qatar? To be sure, there are. We have established a friendly cooperative relationship with a friend from Qatar. Now the customer has established a hydroponic farm with our tower system. The hydroponic equipment has basically been installed. The next step is to plant in the tower farm.
hydroponic tower farm

What is a hydroponic tower farm

The main hydroponic equipment in the hydroponic tower farm is the tower system, which is characterized by vertical planting and beautiful appearance. The customer in Qatar is using our 6P7 tower system, purchased 90 sets and put them in the farm.

What crops can be grown in a hydroponic tower system?

various types of lettuce

Chinese cabbage



small pepper



fruit radish


Cherry tomato


All the above crops can be grown in the hydroponic tower system. In short, you can grow most of the green leafy vegetables, and the hydroponic tower system can even grow beans.

How to Start a Hydroponic Farm

If you want to build a hydroponic farm, here are a few things to start with.

First of all, you need a space, which can be large or small, and only when you have space can you plant in it.

Secondly, consider what equipment to use in the hydroponic farm. In addition to placing tower systems on the farm, you can also use zip systems, NFT systems and ebb and flow table systems. These hydroponic systems are not optional. You need to Choose the right hydroponic equipment for your planting species and space area.

For example, if you want to grow potatoes, the tower system is not suitable, and the aeroponic system is suitable for growing potatoes; if you want to grow green leafy vegetables, both the tower system and the NFT system are suitable.

aeroponic system

Then after you choose a hydroponic system, you need to plan and design; you need to consider these questions: How many sets of hydroponic systems can be placed in a hydroponic farm? How to design? What is the approximate price?

This step may be troublesome, and you may need to consult. Here, we can provide you with detailed information and prices of hydroponic equipment, and can also design according to your needs. If you need help, In addition to providing you with online help, we can also go to your place for equipment installation guidance and planting teaching. In this regard, our indoor hydroponics project in Oman can prove it.

Finally, after you have planned everything, you can install equipment and plant vegetables. These processes take time and you need to do it step by step.

Types of Hydroponic Farms

Tower Farm

Hydroponic NFT System Farm

Dutch Bucketl Farm

Hydroponic Zip System Farm

Are you interested in any of these hydroponic farms? If you want to start a hydroponic farm, I hope the above information can help you, and you can also contact us if you need it.

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