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Hydroponic Container Farming Technology - The Planting Trend of Future Agriculture

In many ways of planting, hydroponics can be said to be the most popular now, and hydroponics is associated with hydroponics container farm, it enters people's vision with fully automated production of high-tech, in the future, will also become a planting trend.

Are you familiar with hydroponic container farm? It doesn't matter if you don't understand, let's introduce it in detail.

The appearance of hydroponic container farm

We can see from the picture, the appearance of hydroponic container is a container, very easy to transport, your planting scale can decide its size, that is, its size can be small, even in the garden, at any time to provide you with fresh vegetables; its size can also be large, to provide you with thousands or even tens of thousands of vegetables, you can easily supply restaurants and supermarkets.

The appearance of hydroponic container farm

The internal structure of hydroponic container

The appearance of hydroponic container is more or less the same, the internal structure will be different. Different types of hydroponic containers have different internal structure. For example, the main hydroponic system inside the hydroponic zip container is the zip system, there will also be nursery area and automated control panel area. Hydroponic tower system container inside the main planting equipment is the tower system, the operating table, LED lights and other areas are indispensable.

hydroponic zip container

How many crops can be produced in hydroponic containers?

More than the construction of hydroponic containers, people are concerned about its earnings. Many people want to know how many crops can be planted in hydroponic containers, in fact, the number of crops that can be planted in different types of hydroponic containers is also different.

Zip system containers can grow about 5000-9000 crops, NFT containers can grow 3000-6000 crops, in addition to the size of the container.

 NFT container

If we grow lettuce in hydroponic containers, we can calculate that 1 kg of lettuce can consume 10 degrees of electricity, the product cost or up to more than 20 yuan.

Application of hydroponic container agriculture

-Vegetable planting

We most commonly use hydroponic container to grow vegetables, because in the container planting vegetables in about a month can be harvested, and can be planted all year round, the weather and climate you do not have to worry too much, no matter where you are cold or dry, you can plant vegetables in the container all year round. Vegetables grow fast in the container, and the yield is also high, and the fresh vegetables produced can be supplied to the places that need vegetables, which is also a good income.

-Herb growing

If you are thinking about this, using containers to grow herbs is a good choice.

-Strawberry farming

If you want to grow strawberries, you can use strawberry gully system containers, which will definitely bring you different surprises.

Hydroponic container farming can also be used in urban farms, school education and parenting education, and as it continues to be promoted, container farming will be understood and applied by more and more people. We already have many customers using containers to grow vegetables and fodder, and the results have proven to be really good.

If you want to know more about container farming, welcome to browse more of our pages.

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