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Hydroponic Farming in the UAE: How are Hydroponic Vegetables and Hydroponic Fodder Grown?


First of all, I want to tell you a good news, our team is now in the Middle East to provide hydroponic planting guidance for customers, if you have hydroponic equipment and hydroponic projects in the Middle East, you can contact us, our team can go to your location The city provides detailed guidance and introduction for your hydroponic planting. It can be said that among many customers, we have established good cooperative relations and profound friendship with customers in the Middle East.

We have customers in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. Last year, our Lyine team also participated in the Dubai Agricultural Exhibition, where we communicated with many Middle Eastern customers and answered their doubts about hydroponic planting, leaving a happy experience remember.

UAE Dutch Bucket Planting Project

Not long ago, a customer from the UAE purchased our Dutch buckets. The customer wanted to start a tomato planting project, and after learning that our company has many years of experience in hydroponic planting, he got in touch with us. We recommended our Dutch bucket to our customers, which is a way of substrate cultivation, and the customer agrees very much, because growing tomatoes in Dutch buckets is the choice of many people.

Dutch bucket

Because the UAE seldom rains and there are many deserts, Dutch buckets are also very advantageous in the local area. Our Dutch buckets use drip irrigation, so they are very water-saving. In addition, our material is food-grade PP, which is safe and non-toxic, so you can use it with confidence. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, scallions, and herbs can all be grown in dutch buckets.

UAE hydroponic NFT system

Hydroponic systems are very popular, especially hydroponic NFT systems. Its appearance is simple and elegant, and it is easy to clean, and its cost performance is relatively high, so it has become a leader in hydroponic systems. One of our UAE friends wants to use the NFT system to grow vegetables for sale. After learning about our hydroponic NFT system, we communicated with us. We gave the customer detailed answers on how to plant and how to install it. At present, the customer is already planting, and I believe that the first batch of water will be harvested soon. Vegetables.

hydroponic NFT system

UAE Hydroponic Container Farm

Compared with the greenhouse, the advantage of the hydroponic container is that it can be put into use quickly, while the construction period of the greenhouse is longer. Our hydroponic container farms have basically been debugged before they are delivered to customers. You only need to connect electricity and water to use them. This is also an important point why friends in the UAE are interested in our hydroponic container farms.

 Hydroponic Container Farm

UAE hydroponic fodder container

In addition to hydroponic vegetable planting systems, we also have hydroponic fodder planting systems. Customers in the United Arab Emirates are very interested in our hydroponic fodder containers after they know that our hydroponic fodder containers can grow fodder throughout the year without being affected by the weather.

hydroponic fodder container

It can be harvested in 7 days, and one kilogram of barley seeds can produce 8-9 kilograms of hydroponic fodder. This makes customers very excited. After purchasing, they have started trial planting, and the effect is very good.

Have you bought our hydroponic system too? How effective is it? If you have any questions, please contact us, we can provide you with better service.

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