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Hydroponic Tower Planting Peppermint Tutorial: Teaching You to Easily Create High Quality Peppermint

Mint is an aromatic crop with special economic value and is commonly used as one of the traditional Chinese medicines. It is a pungent and cool sweating and antipyretic drug for influenza, headache, red eyes, body heat, sore throat, gums and other diseases. It can also treat neuralgia, skin itching, rash, and eczema. Usually, mint is used as a substitute for tea to clear the heart and clear the eyes. Mint is also a very delicious and practical spice. You can put it in fruit salads or use it to flavor delicious dishes such as fish, lamb, ice tea, cocktails, etc.

There are many, many types of mint, in addition to our common earth mint, spearmint, chocolate mint, lemon mint, cat mint, pepper mint, and so on. So if you want to grow some mint at home, besides using branch cuttings for propagation, there is also a relatively simple planting method: hydroponic mint.

Firstly, you need to prepare the following materials:

hydroponic tower system

1. Peppermint seeds or seedlings: You can purchase mint seeds at your local flower store or online, and then use the microgreen system to raise seedlings and transplant them; You can also purchase seedlings directly.

2. Hydroponic equipment: There are many hydroponic containers that can be used for planting. The hydroponic tower system, ZIP system, and NFT system can all be used for hydroponic mint cultivation. The most commonly used system in households is the hydroponic tower system, which does not take up space and is very beautiful.

Next, we can start the formal hydroponic planting:

1. Fixed value

You can purchase peppermint seeds and then use the microgreen system to grow seedlings and transplant them, or you can directly purchase peppermint seedlings and fix them in the planting basket through foam and then place them evenly on the planting holes of the tower system.

2. Add water and nutrient solution

Pour water and nutrient solution into the hydroponic incubator separately, and add an appropriate amount of nutrient solution according to the different growth stages of peppermint. Nutrient solution can provide essential nutrients for mint to promote its growth.

Hydroponic Tower System

3. Provide lighting

Place the hydroponic incubator in a sunny area so that the mint can receive sufficient sunlight. You can choose to place the hydroponic incubator next to the balcony or window. This external water tower system is also equipped with LED plant growth lights, which can achieve normal growth even without light.

4. Replace water and nutrient solution

Regularly replace water and nutrient solutions. You can choose to change the water and nutrient solution every week or two. The water and nutrient requirements for different growth stages are also different, and we need to make appropriate adjustments.

Peppermint hydroponic cultivation is a simple and effective method that allows you to easily plant mint with a fresh taste at home. You need to prepare water culture containers, mint seeds, water, nutrient solution, and other materials, and follow the above steps to operate. By hydroponic cultivation, you can observe the growth of mint. Fully experience the joy of planting during the hydroponic planting process.

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