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How Is The Planting Effect Of Hydroponic Fodder?

In many parts of the world, due to various reasons, people are raising livestock with insufficient feed. Some breeders either want to increase the feed reserve, or want to expand production, or want to improve production efficiency, so they are interested in hydroponic fodder planting systems.
What is the hydroponic fodder growing system?
The hydroponic fodder system is a new healthy, green and safe hydroponic feed solution
In a relatively sealed space, provide crops with an optimal growth environment with constant temperature, humidity and bacteria control, and monitor and adjust the growth environment 24 hours a day. At the same time, three-dimensional integrated control of maximum yield can be achieved in unit planting area. system equipment.
The system controls the reasonable temperature, humidity, light, and cooperates with the sterilization system, and the seeds grow to 15-18CM of fresh forage within 6-7 days. The growth cycle from seed to feed is 7 days. It can produce tons of forage or sprouts every day all year round.
hydroponic fodder
Hydroponic grass growth
Hydroponic fodder can be harvested in 7 days.
Hydroponic Fodder 1
Advantages of our hydroponic containers
-Easy for daily production
Even with water scarcity issues, hydroponic fodder can be produced regularly throughout the year.
- No use of chemicals and pesticides
It does not require any chemicals or pesticides to grow
- Reduce labor and transportation costs
It requires less labor and shipping costs. Most farmers grow hydroponic greens in shade close to livestock
- The machine can use electricity, biogas or solar energy.
hydroponic plant factory
The benefits of feeding hydroponic fodder
Some people may worry that hydroponic fodder is not nutritious enough for cattle and sheep to eat. In response to this, studies have shown that hydroponic pasture is more nutritious than traditional feed, and it is easy to digest for cattle and sheep, and it will not cause any adverse effects on cattle and sheep, so it can be eaten with confidence. In addition, water saving is also a feature of hydroponic pasture. In the process of planting hydroponic pasture, 1 kg of hydroponic pasture only needs three to four liters of water, which can also be produced in water-deficient areas.
Our fodder containers are fully automatic temperature and humidity control, integrated systems and no need for secondary installations. At the same time, they have high economic benefits and high return on investment. We have established good connections with many customers and provided good feed solutions. If you are also interested, welcome to consult.
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