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The Complete Guide to Growing Hydroponic Strawberries Indoors with 4P6 Aeroponic Tower System

Strawberry is a fruit we often eat. It contains high vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, and has ornamental and edible value. We have grown hydroponic strawberries indoors with the 4P6 aeroponic tower system, and they have already produced fruit.

The hydroponic strawberries we planted with the 4P6 aeroponic tower system are very beautiful indoors and can be used as ornamentals. If someone has a birthday, it must be very surprising to give him a small home hydroponic tower system. In addition, it can also be used in the classroom for teaching purposes, so that students can learn about hydroponics technology and the steps of planting strawberries. After they mature, they can share the harvested strawberries with students. It is a very happy thing .


Hydroponic Strawberries 02

If you want to grow strawberries indoors, you can take a look at our planting methods, hoping to bring you a different planting experience.

- Selection of strawberry seedlings

We started from strawberry seedlings, you can also start from seeds, but it takes a long time, from seed to seedling, it also takes a while to wait.

We chose healthy strawberry seedlings with intact leaves, and each strawberry seedling has 2-3 leaves, and the excess leaves can be cut off. Of course, we also need to check the roots of strawberry seedlings, and cut off the dry and rotten roots. After treatment, we can soak and disinfect the strawberry seedlings to keep the strawberry seedlings in a healthy state, so that the success rate of hydroponics will increase. higher.

-Transplanting strawberry seedlings

After we selected and handled the strawberry seedlings, we began to transplant the seedlings. We transplanted strawberry seedlings to the 4P6 aeroponic tower system for growth. But before that, we still need to fill the bucket of the tower system with water, and prepare the nutrient solution. After turning on the electricity and water, transplant the strawberry seedlings to the hydroponic tower system, and then wait for the strawberry seedlings to grow.

Hydroponic Strawberries 01


In about twenty or thirty days, the strawberries will bloom. This is a good sign, because once the flowers bloom, the strawberry fruit is not far away.

Hydroponic Strawberries 03

-Strawberry Fruit

It also takes a while to wait from flowering to fruiting. Light, temperature and the presence of nutrient solution are crucial, if any one of them is inappropriate, the growth of strawberries will be affected, for example, the leaves will turn yellow, dry out or grow slowly.

Hydroponic Strawberries 04

In the process of planting strawberries with the 4P6 aeroponic tower system, the light is provided by the 4 LED lights of the aeroponic tower system, and the water and nutrient solution are also continuously circulated in the tower system to provide the necessary water and nutrients for the growth of strawberries.

Now, we have the taste of hydroponic strawberries, sweet and delicious, and you can try it too.

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