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Customizable Hydroponic Greenhouse Projects


Do you know how much it will cost to build a greenhouse? What types of greenhouses are suitable for construction? How to choose the material? Do you know all of this? Come and see our Greenhouse projects.

There are many types of greenhouses. Among them, soilless cultivation equipment such as columns, zippers, NFT hydroponic systems and seedbeds are used in greenhouse projects to grow plants. These hydroponic equipment are used in greenhouse projects. Plants grow faster. , the output is also higher.

 NFT greenhouse

Factors in calculating the cost of a greenhouse

While the national average greenhouse construction cost is a good starting point, it may not be accurate for each individual project. The cost of building a greenhouse for an individual may depend more or less on these factors: greenhouse size, type, materials, and labor.

Greenhouse size

First, the cost of a greenhouse depends on the size of the structure. As the size of the greenhouse increases, more materials and labor are required to construct it. The larger the greenhouse is built, the higher the cost.

 pc greenhouse

Greenhouse Type

Solar greenhouses, glass greenhouses, PC board greenhouses, film greenhouses and multi-span greenhouses are all popular greenhouse styles. The construction costs of these types of greenhouses are different. For a standard smart greenhouse, the cost of 40,000 to 50,000 yuan is the cost of one mu of land. Different manufacturers have different prices.

Greenhouse Materials

The frame of a greenhouse, PVC or plastic, is usually the cheapest frame material, but it may also be of lower quality than other materials and may not last long in bad weather climates. Aluminum metal is the next best option, and the most expensive option is galvanized steel.

Greenhouse Construction Labor

Simple greenhouses can be built in a day or two, complex ones can take weeks. The cost of manual construction requires communication and negotiation, but the cost is not too small.

Our Lyine team has undertaken many hydroponic greenhouse projects in recent years. We can design, build and provide equipment for you to make your greenhouse more professional and more economical.

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