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What Are The Beautiful and Practical Home Hydroponic Vegetable Planting Models?


Whether wrapping gifts or growing vegetables, we all love a good look. Because we will be attracted by the beautiful appearance at first sight, and the second is the inner. The same is true for planting vegetables. Below I will introduce several beautiful and practical hydroponic vegetable planting modes, and provide you with some reference cases.

Mode 1: Hydroponic Vegetable Tower System

The tower system here is dedicated to growing vegetables. The size and planting quantity of these tower systems can be customized according to your requirements. I often use the 24-hole vegetable tower system, which is very beneficial for beginners.

First of all, the 24-hole tower system is relatively small, and the number of plantings is not large, so it can be used at home.

4P6 hydroponic tower system

Second, if you want to test, the 24 hole tower system can meet your requirements in price and quality, especially if you want distribution and retail, this tower system can do both.

Most importantly, the 24-hole vegetable tower system can grow almost all green leafy vegetables, as well as strawberries and other crops. In addition, plant growth lights, timers and automated operations can save you a lot of manpower and financial resources.

Mode 2: Rotating Tower System

You can know from the name that the rotating tower system can be rotated, and the planting mode of this vegetable can be a combination or a single tower system.

I use three rotating tower systems combined. When I transplant vegetable seedlings to the rotating tower system, there is almost no need for more management. You will find that the automatic irrigation system and water circulation technology will be more economical than traditional planting. water. In about 4 weeks, the vegetables grown on it will mature. Each tower system can harvest 48 vegetables, and 3 combined tower systems can harvest 144 vegetables, which is enough for a family to enjoy together.

Rotating Tower System

A single rotating tower system is also very small and beautiful, but the number of vegetables that can be grown is limited.

Mode 3: Indoor Hydroponic Grow Cabinet

This indoor hydroponic grow cabinet is more intelligent, not only for seedling cultivation, but also for planting. The bottom layer of the hydroponic planting cabinet is used for raising seedlings, and about 80 seedlings can be cultivated. The remaining 4 layers can be used for planting, and about 70 vegetables can be planted.

Indoor Hydroponic Grow Cabinet

There is a control panel on the top of the hydroponic grow cabinet, which can be used to adjust factors such as temperature, humidity and light, which is particularly intelligent. What's more, it is very beautiful against the background of the plant growth lights.

Indoor Hydroponic Grow Cabinet02

In addition to the above three vegetable planting modes, there are a variety of hydroponic planting modes waiting for your exploration. If you are interested, you can buy a sample for testing, and don't worry about the hydroponics experience, because even if you are a novice, you can completely master it.

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