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What are the Characteristics of the Vertical 6P10 Aeroponic Tower System?

As we all know, hydroponics has become the trend of the future, At present, many countries have included hydroponic food in organic food. Under the cover of the epidemic, people pay more and more attention to health, so zero-added and pollution-free green hydroponic vegetables have become the best choice for people's health. So today I want to introduce you the 6P10 aeroponic tower system, which can grow fresh vegetables indoor, outdoor, greenhouse and else.
6p10 aeroponic tower system
About hydroponic tower systems, we have three types, aeroponic tower, rotating tower and hanging tower. They can be used in balcony, living room, garden, greenhouse and so on. You can use them to grow the lettuce, celery, strawberry, spinach, tomato, cucumber, and your local small root vegetables. The mainly parts of the tower are: water tank, water pump, timer, tower body, plant basket and sponges, led lights, support frame and other accessories. 
Now, we will take you to understand the 6P10 aeroponic tower system in detail.
The 6P10 aeroponic tower system has 6 planting holes on each floor, with a total of 10 floors, which means that 60 plants can be planted. In addition, there are slots on its surface, and the inside is driven by a small water pump to provide nutrient solution for plants.
6p10 aeroponic tower system01
Here are the advantages of our aeroponic tower system:
1. Our 6P10 aeroponic tower system has two types with lights and without lights. The lighted aeroponic tower system is equipped with 4 LED lights, which is the place to provide light for vegetables. 
2. Taking lettuce as example, if you use hydroponic towers, it takes about 30 days to mature, if you grow in land, it will take about 45 days. Therefore, if you grow vegetables by tower, you can shorten the growth cycle of the plants. 
3. The cleaning is very convenient, no need to disassemble the tower, only need to use the spray gun to clean the tower. 
4. Scientifically planted and matched nutrient solution, the cultivated plants grow bigger and yield higher
Aeroponic tower system accessories introduction:
Water tank: the capacity of the tank is 100L(litre), the bottom equipped with 6 wheels, you can move it to anywhere easily, it is very convenient. The tank also have water level line and observation hole, you can observe the water level anytime.
Water pump: it is submerged pump, the power is 20 watt, it allows water to flow to a high enough level that crops get enough nutrients.
Timer: it was used to control the working time of pump and lights, the pump and lights no need to work all day, the timer can reach automatic control.  
Tower body: each layer is a whole, very easy to install, the weight of each layer is about 1kg. There are many holes, so water can easily run down from heights. It can make each vegetables get enough water. Each layer have 6 planting holes, each hole have plant basket and sponges.
LED lights: it is professional plant grow lights, full spectrum, water-proof level is IP 65. We have white, red and blue light for choosing, it can meet growth requirement of all crops. If you grow vegetables, I suggest you choose red and blue lights.
hydroponic vegetables
Planting basket: it is a container for cultivating plants, plants can be well cultivated in it, there are many small holes around, nutrients and water can be through the holes to moisturize the plant.
Sponges: it is used to fix the plant in the panting basket, and there is a sponge on each side of the plant to clamp the plant tightly and play a fixed role.
Do you like the 6p10 aeroponic tower system? If you're looking to get started growing vegetables, there's something to try, either at home or in a hydroponic project.
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