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What Hydroponic Vegetables Can Be Grown In the PC Board Greenhouse?

If you owned a greenhouse, or soon had one, what vegetables would you grow in it? In fact, many types of leafy greens can be grown. Let's talk about those hydroponic vegetables that are often grown in greenhouses.
What is PC board greenhouse
In recent years, PC board greenhouses have become more and more popular with customers. This is because PC board greenhouses have good thermal insulation performance, strong impact resistance, light weight, large installation size, long service life, beautiful light, and good visual experience. With many advantages such as high initial light transmittance, it was once regarded as "the latest greenhouse structure" and highly respected.
What vegetables can be grown in a PC board greenhouse?
As a vegetable type of food, kale is rich in nutritional value and relatively low in calories. It is suitable for people who are losing weight to use it as one of the foods that supplement the source of nutrients. Kale tastes crisp and tender, and its shape is similar to that of cabbage. It can be used for cooking, and it can also be used for soup.
To grow kale in a greenhouse, you can use the NFT system or the tower system to grow it. Generally, large-scale planting in the greenhouse is done with the vertical multi-layer NFT system, and the effect is also very good.
hydroponic kale
Coriander comes in both large-leaf and small-leaf varieties. The large-leaf variety has taller plants, large leaves, light fragrance, and higher yield; the small-leaf variety has shorter plants, small leaves, strong fragrance, cold resistance, and strong adaptability, but the yield is slightly lower.
Hydroponic Mint
Coriander is a vegetable that is rich in nutrients. It is rich in carotene, vitamin C and calcium, which can help the body digest the cellulose in food and promote intestinal peristalsis. In addition, coriander also contains a variety of amino acids, which can enhance appetite and improve immunity. In addition, coriander also has good medicinal value. Therefore, consuming parsley in moderation in your daily diet can contribute to your health.
The NFT system is usually used to grow coriander in the greenhouse. If you want to grow coriander at home, you can use the tower system. This is what we have planted in experiments and can grow smoothly.
Whether it is purple leaf lettuce, Italian lettuce or other lettuce varieties, it can be grown in the greenhouse. Lettuce is relatively easy to grow and grows quickly. Many beginners in hydroponics start by growing lettuce.
hydroponic lettuce
Usually thyme is used for spices, and the taste is very delicious. In fact, thyme also has a certain medicinal value, and has good medicinal effects in dispelling wind and relieving exterior, promoting qi and relieving pain, relieving cough, and lowering blood pressure. The commercial value of growing in a greenhouse is very high.
In addition, we can also grow crops such as parsley, arugula, tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse, but the hydroponic system used is different. If you are interested in greenhouse construction and hydroponic equipment, welcome to learn more .
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