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What Vegetables Can Be Grown In The Hydroponic Tower System?

If you own a tower system at home, or a tower system greenhouse, you probably use it to grow a variety of vegetables and fruits. We have grown a lot of crops using tower system experiment hydroponics, and here we will share with you which vegetables are most suitable for tower system cultivation.
1. Lettuce
Features: Lettuce is a common planting variety in our tower system, also known as leaf lettuce, which tastes tender, crisp and refreshing. According to the growth form of lettuce, it can be divided into three types of lettuce: head lettuce, wrinkled leaf lettuce and upright lettuce. If you like lettuce and like to eat it with roast meat, these varieties can be grown in tower system. In addition, lettuce has a high nutrient content, and regular consumption can reduce excess fat, so some people eat lettuce to lose weight.
 hydroponic lettuce
Growth habit: The suitable temperature of lettuce is 15°C-20°C, it is very easy to grow, and the yield is very high if planted in a large area. We can transplant the lettuce to the tower system after the lettuce seeds germinate, so it can be harvested in about a month.
2. Cherry fruit radish
Features: Cherry fruit radishes are shaped like red cherries, but larger than ordinary cherries. It is very tender, grows fast, and has a beautiful appearance. The "radish root" is round, and it tastes delicious in cold salad. If you like pretty vegetables, then cherry fruit radishes are perfect for you, plus your kids will be interested in these cherry-like radishes.
Cultivation of Cherry and Carrot by Hydroponics
Growth habit: Generally, 15°C-20°C is the preferred temperature for fruit radishes. After you breed, the seeds will germinate in about three days, and you can transplant it to the tower system in about ten days, and then you can wait for it to grow slowly. Cherry-sized radishes can be harvested in about 25 days.
3. Purple cabbage
Features: Purple cabbage is also called purple cabbage. It is purple on the outside and has a round cabbage shape when it grows. It is rich in vitamins, which are very beneficial to people's health.
 hydroponic Purple cabbage
Growth habit: If it is planted in the soil, it can be harvested in about four months. If purple cabbage is planted in hydroponics, coupled with suitable temperature and water, it can be harvested in about one month.
4. Utah cabbage
Features: The vegetable leaves of Wutaicai are short and wide, and they are plump and tender. The dishes made are also very delicious. In addition, its appearance is also very high, and it will be very fulfilling to plant it with the tower system.
 Hydroponic Utah cabbage
Growth habit: Utah grows at a temperature of 15-20°C and likes light. It usually needs to be bred first, and then transplanted to the tower system for planting.
5. Bitter chrysanthemum
Features: The root of bitter chrysanthemum is conical, with many fibrous roots. Bitter chrysanthemum tastes sweet and slightly bitter, and is green in color. It can be fried or served cold, and has the effect of clearing away heat and fire. Generally can grow to 100 cm.
Bitter chrysanthemum
Growth characteristics: bitter chrysanthemum likes temperature and water, the temperature is also 15-20 ℃, and the roots of bitter chrysanthemum grown in hydroponics are also very developed.
In addition to these vegetables mentioned above, our tower system can also grow crops such as strawberries, quick vegetables, green beans, peppers and amaranth. It is also very simple to grow, and you can basically harvest in about a month. If you are new to hydroponics, don’t worry, our tower system is very suitable for you, and we will also provide you with hydroponic vegetable planting techniques and solutions to ensure that you can plant smoothly.
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