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Advantages of hydroponics farming and key hydroponic system planting equipments.

Traditional agriculture has always been limited by weather and soil environment, and harvest of plants is bound to be affected by severe weather, such as continuous snow and rain or continuous drought. Of course, traditional agriculture will also face great difficulties if there is no soil environment suitable for plant growth. However, with the development of hydropower agriculture, the technology of soilless plant cultivation is also maturing. Weather and soil are no longer constraints on agricultural development.

Now, hydroponic agriculture is more convenient to operate, more environmentally friendly and more intelligent. Its main advantage is to get rid of the restriction of soil, and it can be roughly divided into substrate free culture and substrate culture. Matrix-free culture is to replace soil with nutrient solution required for plant growth, and the ratio of nutrient solution is also the key to the success of Matrix-free culture.

hydroponics farming

At present, the common substrate free culture on the market are mainly hydroponic system and aeroponic system. The soilless cultivation system such as Tower system, ZIP system, NFT system, DWC system and Aeroponic system , etc. They are widely used for agricultural planting, which not only saving space resources to a large extent, but also achieving plant yield improvement. In addition, plants planted through soilless cultivation are healthier, without worrying about pests, pesticide pollution and weeds, and their nutritional value is also significantly higher than that of soil cultivation.

The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of several substrate free culture techniques:

1. Tower system

The Tower system is a vertical full-automatic planting equipment launched by Lying Group. Its surface is equipped with slot holes to provide nutrient solution for plants under the drive of water pump. It can plant strawberries, small tomatoes, leafy vegetables and other plants. Suitable for families and large-scale agriculture.

2. ZIP system

The ZIP system is a new type of agricultural equipment, consisting of PVC pipes, planting racks, inlet and outlet pipes, water tanks and water pumps. Because of its small floor space and high yield, it can be used for high-yield greenhouse planting, as well as flowers, strawberries and vegetables.

3. DWC system

A 5-10 cm nutrient solution is placed in the planting groove of the DWC system. By irrigating the plant roots, water film on the leaf surface is avoided and photosynthesis of the leaves is promoted. The system is relatively simple and low cost, and is suitable for greenhouse flower cultivation, vegetable seedling cultivation, scientific research greenhouse, etc.

DWC system

4. Aeroponic system

Aeroponic system sprays nutrient solution into the closed space of plant roots. It saves more water and nutrient solution than other hydroponics systems. However, the process is complicated, because plants need to be sprayed with nutrient solution every few minutes to prevent drying in an opaque space, which is not suitable for novices.

In addition, substrate culture is also a kind of soilless culture. By fixing the roots of plants in organic or inorganic substrates, and providing nutrients to plants through irrigation, substrate culture costs less than other soilless culture, and people can master planting technology through simple training.

Lyine Group has been focusing on hydroponic agricultural system solutions and hydroponic product processing and other services for many years. It is a company integrating seedling cultivation, planting and customization services, and can customize container forage, greenhouse, fish and vegetable symbiosis system. At present, it has won many patent certificates such as CE, SGS, SASO, IP68, ISO and so on. They have independent R&D teams to serve customers, and you can consult if necessary.

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