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Home Hydroponics Guide: How to Choose and Use the Right Hydroponic System for Plant Growth?

Growing plants at home is a very enjoyable thing. How do you do hydroponics indoors if you don't have enough space? Here are some methods that can be grown hydroponically at home and indoors, hoping to bring you more inspiration.
When you want to grow hydroponic plants at home, whether it is vegetables or flowers, you need certain hydroponic equipment and techniques. Due to the influence of various factors, everyone has different space. When you have enough space and the land resources are very rich, you can plant in soil or use hydroponics; when you don’t have enough space and the land resources are very rich In case of shortage, hydroponics is your best choice.
hydroponic NFT system
We often grow vegetables indoors, so we have rich experience and technology in hydroponic cultivation. Whether it is in large-scale hydroponic projects or personal hydroponics, we have many successful cases. Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to how we grow it indoors in hydroponics.
The Easiest Hydroponics
In fact, the simplest hydroponics is to put the plants in a container or vase filled with water, and pay attention to the amount of water at all times, such as hydroponic pothos, we often put it in the office as an ornament, green eye protection, It is also easy to maintain. You only need to add some water when the water in the vase is low. Basically, the pothos can grow for a long time.
hydroponic pothos
If you want hydroponic plants at home, you can also maintain the plants with roots in a vase. Pay attention to changing and adding water. Generally, plants can grow for a period of time. However, this method is only suitable for small, light and tenacious plants, and some large plants that have certain requirements for temperature and humidity are not suitable for this hydroponics method.
Hydroponics for most plants
To keep plants growing, like vegetables and fruits, you need the right hydroponic system to grow the plants. Generally, our hydroponic system can be used at home to grow vegetables, which can be harvested and eaten in about a month.
-Tower System
The tower system can grow most green leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach, arugula, etc., and strawberries can also be grown, which is very beautiful at home. We've grown purple leaf lettuce, strawberries, mint, fruit radishes, and cilantro indoors with our tower system and it's all worked out great.
hydroponic tower system
-NFT System
Green leafy vegetables can also be grown on the NFT system. This device is simpler and more generous, and it is not troublesome to use. It is very suitable for home use.
- Ebb and Flow Table System
Ebb and flow table system can be used for seedling raising and planting. Now we have planted lettuce with a vertical ebb and flow table system. The overall effect is very good. Against the background of plant growth, the lettuce is particularly green and tender, which can bring a different atmosphere and decoration to the interior.
hydroponic lettuce
In addition to the above hydroponic systems, there are other hydroponic equipment, but each hydroponic equipment has its own characteristics and types suitable for planting, you can choose carefully when choosing.
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