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How Commercial Vertical Hydroponic Zip Systems Are Used in Soilless Agriculture?

I don’t know if you have used the hydroponic zip system. It has a beautiful appearance and can grow a variety of hydroponic crops. It is gradually being used by more people in soilless farming.
What is a hydroponic zip system
The "zipper" we often say is used on clothes, and the "zip hydroponic system" is a kind of hydroponic planting equipment, which is composed of PVC pipes, planting frames, water inlet and outlet pipes, water tanks, water pumps, etc. , small footprint, high space utilization, movable wheels at the bottom make it very light and flexible, easy to place. The automatic waterway kit is simple to assemble, easy to clean and has a long service life.
hydroponic zip system
Types of Hydroponic Zip Systems
The hydroponic zip system is mainly divided into three types: single-row zip system(with light), double-row zip system (with light) and greenhouse zip system. The zip system can have different sizes and can be customized.
The largest is the zip greenhouse system, which is equipped with a complete automated waterway structure and LED lights to meet the various needs of plant growth.
Crops that can be grown in the hydroponic zip system
Lettuce and other green leafy vegetables
Application of hydroponic zip system in agriculture
Home use
You can use the hydroponic zip system to grow various vegetables, which can be placed in the garden or both indoors and outdoors. The zip system with lights will be very bright at night, and may become your indoor lighting tool.
Greenhouse project
To grow hydroponic crops in the greenhouse, the hydroponic zip system is a good choice. The most prominent advantage is that it will be beautiful and spectacular when used in the greenhouse. When the vegetables grow to a certain extent, the rows of hydroponic zip systems will be like green unopened umbrellas, which is very pleasing to the eye.
hydroponic zip system02
Hydroponic Zip System Container
If you like container agriculture, you can use hydroponic zip equipment in the container, which can be planted all year round. Even if the temperature outside is high, the inside of the container can maintain a suitable temperature, so that the vegetables inside will grow smoothly.
hydroponic zip system container
Zip system project
If you want to start a hydroponic planting project with a zip system, we can provide you with a one-stop hydroponic solution, at this point, we have many customer feedbacks for your reference as well.
Zip system project
After seeing the planting effect of the zip hydroponic system in the picture above, are you interested in this hydroponic system? Imagine if you install a hydroponic zip system at home, you can grow vegetables and fruits by yourself without occupying a large area, and you can teach your children how to grow and use them in your spare time. When the vegetables are mature, they can be eaten by the whole family. Meet the spiritual and material needs, is it very comfortable and happy?
With the reduction of land resources and the requirements of agricultural development, the development potential of the hydroponic industry should not be underestimated. The hydroponic system associated with it is also a popular existence. Many people have started distribution agents to provide more families with the most suitable is hydroponic equipment, maybe you are also using it, and we also believe that hydroponics can bring you more gains.
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