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How To Grow Leafy Greens Indoors? Some Hydroponic Systems Worth Using

In recent days, we have grown some green leafy vegetables indoors, and they are growing well now. Now I will show you how we grow green leafy vegetables.

Growing Green Leafy Vegetables in a Hydroponic Tower System


We have grown mint on a hydroponic tower system and it is now producing purple flowers. It took a long time for us to grow seedlings from seeds until the mint blooms now. If you want to shorten the time, you don’t need to start from seeds, but start from mint seedlings. You can put mint seedlings on the planting holes of the tower system , This will greatly shorten the growth cycle, and the mint will mature in about 20-30 days.


- Kale

We planted the kale on a rotating tower system. The rotating tower system will allow the kale to receive even light and grow better.


-Ruccola salad

At present, the Ruccola salad we planted on the tower system has not been transplanted for a long time, so it is still very small and needs to wait for time to grow.

Ruccola salad

- Black cabbage

We have successfully planted black cabbage on the tower system, and the mature Wutai is very beautiful. However, our black cabbage still needs a period of time to grow.

 Black cabbage

Grow leafy greens with an NFT hydroponic system

-Butter lettuce

Didn't know you've seen butter lettuce? It is a variety of lettuce, green in color, crisp and fragrant in taste, very suitable for eating raw. We planted butter lettuce on the NFT system. If you see the picture, you will see a piece of green, very fresh and emerald green.

Butter lettuce


Cucumbers can also be planted on the NFT system. After a certain period of time, you can put a few traction lines on it to guide the growth of cucumbers.

-EBB and Flow Table System

Because we especially love lettuce, not only because of its beautiful appearance, but also because of its taste, so we also grow lettuce on the ebb and flow table system. Looking at this bright green, I will feel very good. In addition, it grows very fast, and it can be harvested in about 4-5 weeks, which is very suitable for home planting.

hydroponic lettuce

In addition to these leafy greens, there are many more varieties you can grow indoors, such as spinach, arugula, and more. You can grow whatever you like, very free. In terms of management, you don't need to work a lot, because our hydroponic system is automated, automatic watering, you just need to wait quietly, and usually pay attention to the growth of some vegetables, which is basically very easy.

In terms of hydroponic planting technology, you don’t need to worry, our equipment is very easy to operate, and we will also teach you how to plant, even if you are a novice in hydroponic cultivation, you can also operate it. If you're interested in hydroponic vegetables, try growing them indoors and you'll be harvesting more vegetables in no time.

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