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Hydroponic Fodder Container With Daily Capacity of 1500 kg - Automatic Fodder Planting Equipment

In many areas, fodder planting will be affected by the weather, and cattle and sheep lack the feed to eat; there are also people who breed on a larger scale, and the traditional fodder planting can no longer meet the feeding of cattle and sheep and other animals. Therefore, many people are looking for a kind of fodder that is not affected by the weather and has a high yield. Hydroponic fodder is one of them. No matter how big or small your farming scale is, hydroponic fodder can meet your needs.
-What is a 1500 kg per day hydroponic fodder container?
A hydroponic fodder container is a container facility for growing hydroponic fodder, which is equipped with various conditions suitable for growing fodder, and can be grown all year round. The daily production of 1500 kg is 1500 kg of hydroponic fodder per day in the container.
hydroponic fodder container
-Conventional elements of hydroponic fodder container
The daily production of 1500 kg hydroponic fodder container is a 40-foot high container with a weight of 6000 KG, which can produce 1500 kg of fresh hydroponic fodder per day.
The daily water consumption is 1000L and we are also equipped with full spectrum LED lights for faster hydroponic fodder growth.
Automatic PLC control system, especially temperature / humidity / irrigation / LED lighting
-Advantages of hydroponic fodder container
1、The appearance of hydroponic fodder container is strong and easy to transport.
2、Germination rate is higher in hydroponic fodder container. 
3、Fodder grows faster and has higher yield in the container, while it can improve the sprouting quality and protein content.
4、Growing fodder is not affected by weather, it can be planted all year round and harvested in all seasons.
5、It can meet the daily fodder supply for cattle, sheep and other animals, 7 days harvesting, fodder supply is guaranteed.
We have customers from different countries have used our hydroponic fodder containers, and the feedback is good.
hydroponic fodder container02
We have a customer from Dubai, the local climate is dry, growing fodder is restricted, he wants to find a fully automatic equipment to grow fodder. In the communication with us, the customer is very satisfied with our hydroponic fodder container, he bought two hydroponic fodder containers, already in the planting, he thinks the planting effect is good.
Besides the customer from Dubai, there are also customers from Saudi Arabia and the UK who have used our hydroponic fodder containers, so our equipment is trustworthy.
-Yield of hydroponic fodder
We often grow hydroponic fodder indoors, and we know quite well about the yield of hydroponic fodder, which can grow to about 20 cm in 7 days, and you can harvest 8-9 kg of hydroponic fodder with 1 kg of barley seed. If we use the hydroponic fodder container with daily output of 1000kg, we can produce fresh fodder 1000kg per day, and the annual output of single box can reach 365,000kg.
hydroponic fodder
If planted in our hydroponic fodder container, no chemical fertilizer and pesticide are needed, only water can be used to make the fodder grow. Therefore, the grown hydroponic fodder is green and healthy, and can be fed to cattle and sheep.
In the case of grassland degradation and land shortage, hydroponic fodder is the best way to solve the shortage of fodder, if you are also interested in hydroponic fodder container, you can find more information on our website, and we hope to help you.
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