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How To Build A Family Greenhouse?

Nowadays, soil pollution directly affects the growth of vegetables we eat. Many people choose expensive organic vegetables, but a large number of people still cannot afford to consume daily organic vegetables. The emergence of hydroponic vegetables has successfully solved this problem, because hydroponic vegetables have got rid of the limitations of traditional soil planting, such as heavy metal pollution, chemical pesticide residues, diseases and insect pests. And you can plant some hydroponic vegetables at home in your daily life, which is very convenient.

When it comes to organic vegetables, many people will think of greenhouse planting. Greenhouses are also suitable for hydroponic vegetables.Greenhouse system has been developed for many years in China. It is a very good idea to connect it with hydroponics. If you have the chance to build a family greenhouse, will you? How to create a family greenhouse?

How to choose the greenhouse system for the family?We have three choices: glass greenhouse, PC sheet greenhouse and plastic film greenhouse.

Glass greenhouse is a greenhouse with glass as the main transparent covering material, with a service life of more than 20 years, which is very suitable for the need high light intensity.Especially tropical fruits, such as mango, jackfruit and litchi, which have high sugar content.

glass greenhouse

The characteristics of glass greenhouse are as follows:

1. The appearance is clean and smooth, and the drainage capacity is strong.

2. The light transmittance is very strong, which can effectively provide light demand for crops.

3. Windproof, waterproof and snow proof, with strong anti-aging resistance.

4. The greenhouse has large lighting area and uniform indoor lighting.

PC sheet greenhouse has light structure, good lighting and excellent thermal insulation performance.

Characteristics of PC board greenhouse.

1. The maximum light transmittance of PC board can reach 89%, which can be beautiful with glass.

2. The weight is very light, and the proportion is only half of the glass, which can effectively save the cost of transportation, handling, installation and support frame.

3. The sound insulation effect of PC board is obvious, which has better sound insulation than that of glass and acrylic board of the same thickness.

4. Energy-saving, cool in summer, heat preservation in winter, PC board has a lower thermal conductivity than ordinary glass and other plastics

Plastic Film greenhouse is made of plastic film as covering material, which is simple and economical.If you want to carry out family planting, I recommend the film greenhouse, which is simple in structure and economical.


So what are the advantages of plastic film greenhouse?

1. The plastic film greenhouse has good thermal insulation performance, which can effectively prevent heat loss, prevent the invasion of cold air, and protect crops from damage.

2. The plastic film greenhouse is low in cost, affordable and cost-effective.

3. Easy installation and simple structure.

4. The space available in the shed is relatively large and the scope of application is wide.

But the biggest disadvantage of greenhouse is that it needs a certain outdoor area. It is not friendly to urban residents with little free space. It is more suitable for commercial planting and rural residents.Here I recommend some planting systems suitable for indoor planting by urban residents.Such as hydroponic tower system and NFT system.

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