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Hydroponic Growing in Oman: Your Complete Guide to Starting Indoor Vertical Farming

Talking about Oman, I remembered what my friend said, because my friend stayed in Oman for a while, she said that there is no need to worry about food in Oman, because there are so many Chinese there, and most of Oman’s friends start restaurants and Stores are the mainstay, where we often eat chicken stewed mushrooms and cabbage pork stewed vermicelli, so many people feel very kind.
Green wall
My colleague also served an Omani friend. The client from Oman opened a restaurant with many customers. As the business is getting better and better, he also has some plans for the restaurant. After some searching, this Omani friend found us, he trusted us with many years of experience in hydroponics, and told us his plan for the restaurant - he wanted to separate the restaurant area from the smoking area, This is both beautiful and does not affect the dining, but because the local temperature is relatively high, he is worried that the hydroponic plants will not survive for a long time.
green wall
After understanding some of his concerns, we recommended our green wall system for him, which adopts the design of water circulation. In addition, we designed a plan for the customer to keep the hydroponic plants alive for a long time, and the customer is also very satisfied.
In addition to the green wall system, we also have a variety of hydroponic planting equipment, and we also have a complete set of hydroponic solutions for hydroponic vegetable and hydroponic fodder planting.
Vertical hydroponic NFT system
If you want to grow hydroponic vegetables and want low-cost and easy-to-operate hydroponic planting equipment, then we recommend that you try our vertical NFT system. The A-shaped NFT system adopts vertiacl planting and makes full use of limited space, and the installation is also very simple. If you want to grow green leafy vegetables in Oman, the A-shaped NFT system is one of your choices.
A-shaped NFT system
When our team visited the Middle East last year, we found that in Oman, the A-shaped NFT system is very popular and can be used in greenhouses and various plantings.
Fodder Shortage: Hydroponic Fodder Containers
In some areas of Oman, animal husbandry is relatively developed, but due to climate reasons, there is sometimes a shortage of fodder , which is very unfavorable for breeding. Some Omani customers began to look for new ways of fodder production. About our hydroponic fodder container, the fodder can be harvested in 7 days and can be planted throughout the year. It is very attractive. Some customers from Oman have already purchased our hydroponic fodder container. Now the planting effect is also better.
Hydroponic Fodder Container
What is gratifying is that our team has now gone to the Middle East to provide equipment installation and planting guidance for customers' projects. If you also have hydroponic projects, you can communicate with our personnel, hoping to improve your hydroponic planting play a role in helping.
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