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The High-tech Planting System Brings Fun To Indoor Planting


For some people, indoor planting is actually a helpless option, either because the winter climate is cold and outdoor planting is not possible, or because they are in a city and have no vegetable fields to grow, they can only use one part of their home to meet their planting preferences.At this time, the emergence of hydroponic vegetables brings a good experience opportunity for indoor planting.Hydroponic technology has low investment costs and high profits. Can be used for hydroponic vegetables such as lettuce; It can also be used for hydroponic cultivation of fruits such as strawberries.

However, hydroponics requires the use of some soilless cultivation equipment to help achieve soilless cultivation. Here I introduce several planting systems that are more suitable for hydroponics.

Hydroponic tower System

The first: hydroponic tower system

The hydroponic tower system is the most widely used system for indoor planting. Its biggest advantage is that its vertical planting structure can effectively utilize vertical space and reduce floor area.Hydroponic tower system can be divided to three main categories,including aeroponic tower,hanging tower, rotating tower.Among them, the highest crop yield is produced by the aeroponic tower system.Using the hydroponic tower system to plant crops not only has a short cycle and high yield, but also the quality of hydroponic vegetables is very high.

This is mainly due to the fact that hydroponics technology does not rely on soil resources and is free from pests and diseases. Mature crops do not contain pesticides used to prevent diseases and pests, nor do they contain growth promoting hormones, making the vegetables grown green and pollution-free. Especially in line with the pursuit of contemporary young people.

The NFT Hydroponic System

Second: NFT system

NFT is a kind of hydroponic technique,which is very popular in family planting. As an automatic planting equipment includes three parts :Environmental control, water and fertilizer control ,and circulation pipeline.NFT systems include two types: tiled NFT systems and vertical NFT systems.The vertical NFT system is suitable for indoor planting in small areas. It can efficiently utilize vertical space, reduce equipment costs and labor costs, and increase production.

The nutrient solution of the NFT system can be recycled. During irrigation, the crop will absorb an appropriate amount of water, and the rest will be returned to the nutrient solution pool for the next cycle of irrigation, without causing a waste of water. Research shows that the water consumption of a crop from seed to maturity is more than 90% lower than that of conventional planting.

Ebb and Flow Table System

Third:Ebb And Flow Table

Among them,vertical flow table are commonly used for indoor planting, and multi-layer structures improve the utilization rate of space and expand the planting area.Pulleys are provided at the bottom for easy movement.

In general, the emergence of hydroponics technology has broken the limit of traditional planting industry's heavy dependence on water and soil. As the population continues to increase, non renewable natural resources such as water and soil resources will become increasingly scarce. How to alleviate the pressure on water and soil resources is the top priority of social development.

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