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What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention to When Hydroponics At Home?


Whether we are newbies to hydroponic planting or experienced hydroponic gardeners, we need to pay attention to some matters in hydroponic planting. Here, we will tell you these precautions so that you can carry out hydroponic planting smoothly.

Advantages of Hydroponics

-It is not necessary to be contaminated with soil and dust during hydroponics, which is very convenient for planting.

- Hydroponic vegetables can grow faster and yield more.

-Hydroponic planting is a good choice for some areas where traditional planting is not convenient.

-The vegetables grown in hydroponics are green, healthy, and pollution-free, and they can be eaten without washing.

-Hydroponic gardening can make life easier.

Since hydroponics has so many advantages, we will tell you the things that need to be paid attention to when planting hydroponics, and hope that you can pay attention to planting hydroponics.

Hydroponic Eggplant


Vegetables and plants need light to grow. Without light, plants cannot grow healthily, especially vegetables. Whether we are planting with tower system, NFT system or zip system, especially indoor planting, plant growth lights are needed. Each vegetable has different needs for lighting. Red light, white light or yellow and white light are the colors that many people will choose.

NFT system


Water is an indispensable part of plant growth. Without water, vegetables may wither and turn yellow, and the reason why hydroponics is called hydroponics is to cultivate with water, so you should pay special attention to water when planting.

Most of the tower system and various hydroponic systems adopt the method of water circulation, so it is very water-saving, and it can also automatically water the vegetables, so you can grow vegetables very easily.

hydroponic kale

Nutrient solution

When growing hydroponic vegetables, you can't just water the vegetables. You must know that the growth of vegetables and plants requires a variety of nutrients. Although these nutrients are lacking, vegetables can grow only by watering the vegetables, but compared with vegetables with full color and thick leaves, vegetables lacking nutrients are obviously weaker. Not so healthy.

At this time, you need to irrigate the vegetables with nutrient solution. We usually mix the nutrient solution with water, so that it can be absorbed by the vegetables when watering, and the grown vegetables will be more green and delicious.


Too high or too low temperature will affect the growth of vegetables, so a suitable temperature is necessary. Usually indoors, you can adjust the temperature to 18-23 degrees Celsius, which is very suitable for growing vegetables.

The above four points must be paid attention to in hydroponic planting, but even if we pay attention to these four points, vegetables may also have other problems, such as yellowing of leaves, withering and slow growth. It is necessary to sum up experience and pay attention to the growth environment of vegetables, so that they can be better hydroponics.

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