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Lyine Group Participated In The Fifth Domestic Agricultural Expo


The 5th Agricultural Expo has been successfully concluded. Our Lyine team participated in it together, and we welcomed many new customers to attach importance to our hydroponic equipment. Let's take a look at the hydroponic equipment that our Lyine team exhibited?

1. Aeroponic Tower with light

The Aeroponic Tower with light is a fully automatic soilless cultivation equipment. Its surface is provided with slot holes, and the interior is driven by a small water pump to provide nutrient solution for plants. It can be used for home use as well as for mass production. In addition, plant growth lights are also equipped on the basis of the water mist column, which effectively helps increase vegetable production.

 Aeroponic Tower with light

 2. Rotating Tower

The rotating Tower adopts a professional slow-speed rotating motor, which allows the plants to obtain even light during the rotation, and the growth is balanced and has more ornamental value, avoiding the uneven growth of the plants due to uneven light reception.

 Rotating Tower


 The Vertical Flow Table is suitable for small planting systems. The multi-layer structure can improve the utilization rate of space and expand the planting area.


 4. NFT system

The composition of the NFT hydroponic system includes three parts: environmental control, water and fertilizer control, and circulation pipeline. This system is suitable for growing fast growing crops. such as lettuce. Popular in home cultivation.

NFT system

 We will also participate in the Dubai exhibition on October 25th, if you are interested, you can come to the exhibition.

Dubai Exhibition Invitation

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