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How to Build and Grow Your Own Small Hydroponic Indoor Garden: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to have a small hydroponic garden indoors? It's also possible to build a large hydroponic indoor garden if you have the space for a dozen. If you don't have a large enough area, you can create a small indoor garden where you can grow vegetables and fruit so you can always have fresh vegetables.
Regarding small indoor hydroponic gardens, our team has also conducted experiments. You can see our indoor hydroponic garden from the video below. As long as you have a space, you can grow vegetables in it, and when the vegetables grow up, the space will become very beautiful.
How to Start an Indoor Hydroponic Garden
Interior Space
First of all, you need to have a house or space, regardless of size, indoor gardens can be built. We are just a hydroponic garden built in a small room. The room is relatively empty at first, but when the vegetables start to grow, the house will become more vibrant and vibrant.
What to Plant
Before starting an indoor hydroponic garden, you need to consider what types of vegetables or fruits you want to grow so that you can determine what hydroponic system to use. Most customers want to grow lettuce. Of course, there are many types of lettuce, such as Italian lettuce, butter lettuce, and purple leaf lettuce. Lettuce is very convenient to cook, and it can be harvested in a month in hydroponics. short.
hydroponic lettuce

What Hydroponic System to Use
Once you've decided what vegetables to grow, your next step is choosing the right hydroponic system. Here are a few hydroponic systems to choose from:
-Tower system: It has a beautiful appearance and can grow a variety of green leafy vegetables. The types of tower systems are also very diverse, and you can pick and choose the type of tower system you like. As for the planting quantity, you can also customize it according to your own needs. Our 6P7 tower system can grow 42 hydroponic vegetables, the 4P6 tower system can grow 24 hydroponic vegetables, and the 6P10 tower system can grow 60 hydroponic vegetables. 
4P6 hydroponic tower system
-Zip system: If you want to grow herbs, the zip system is suitable. We have single-row zip system and double-row zip system for you to choose. In addition, the zip system can also grow vegetables and flowers, and the planting effect is very good.
- NFT system:If you like a simple and easy-to-operate hydroponic system, then the hydroponic NFT system is very suitable. Regardless of appearance, installation or operation, the NFT system is very satisfactory.
-Indoor Hydroponic Grow Cabinet:The Indoor Hydroponic Grow Cabinet is a hydroponic equipment designed for home-grown vegetables. You can grow seedlings or plant on it. With the assistance of plant growth lights, vegetables grow very fast. This device is equipped with an intelligent temperature control adjustment system, you only need to press lightly to adjust factors such as temperature and lighting.
Indoor Hydroponic Grow Cabinet
After you have grown your vegetable seedlings, you can transplant them directly into the hydroponic system.
Waiting for vegetables to be harvested
Generally, green leafy vegetables will be harvested after 4 weeks, and you can eat fresh and healthy vegetables at this time.
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