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Hydroponic Container: Vertical Farming that Can Grow about 8000 Hydroponic vegetables


What is the hydroponic container? In general containers, we often think of loading and living. But now, hydroponic technology can be used to grow vegetables in containers, and some even transform containers into "plant factories" for large-scale commercial planting, so as to sell vegetables to various regions, supermarkets and restaurants for many people eat.

Advantages of Hydroponic Containers

- It can solve the problem of difficult and expensive food in some areas. For example, in the desert area, the climate is dry, and it is very convenient to use hydroponic containers to grow vegetables; and because of the long distance, it is necessary to walk more than ten kilometers just to buy vegetables, so if we have hydroponic containers, we can You can have your own vegetable garden.

-It is not affected by the weather and can be planted in four seasons. The biggest advantage of the hydroponic container farm is that it is not affected by external weather and climate changes. The temperature control system equipped inside, such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, and light, can all be controlled.

- Vegetables grow fast and produce high yields. The interior of the hydroponic container is like a train sleeper, which can be planted vertically and divided into multiple layers, and each layer can grow hydroponic vegetables. For example, a 40-foot hydroponic container can grow about 5,000 leafy vegetables, and even a large-sized container can grow 8,000 greens. It can be harvested in twenty or thirty days.

hydroponic zip container

-Intelligent automation, saving time and effort. There is a touch screen system inside the hydroponic container. You can control factors such as water intake, drainage, seedling raising, temperature and lighting with one button.

touch screen system inside the hydroponic container

Do hydroponic containers need a lot of water?

Many people have doubts about this question, because the hydroponic container adopts the method of hydroponic cultivation, which may require a lot of water. However, I can tell you that because the water and nutrient solution are recycled in the hydroponic container, there is no need for a lot of water.

What can be grown in hydroponic containers?

Hydroponic containers can grow a variety of green leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, wutah, purple cabbage, shallots, and fruit radishes. As long as you want to plant them and have certain hydroponic experience, the effect will be very good.

hydroponic container

What is the container plant factory?

The "plant factory" is  a intelligent system, the sensor can control the fill light, fresh air system, automatic fertilizer supplement, automatic irrigation, and realize automation without guarding.

The "plant factory" hydroponic planting breaks the constraints of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter on the growth of vegetables, and can achieve continuous production of crops throughout the year. In addition, the mobile container "plant factory" more effectively solves the problem of fresh vegetable supply in special natural environments such as aerospace, border defense, and desert.

What are the disadvantages of hydroponic containers?

-Expensive. Because the hydroponic container adopts the latest planting technology, the internal configuration of the equipment is also relatively high. Compared with general hydroponic equipment, the price is more expensive.

- Certain hydroponic planting experience is required. The hydroponic container adopts an automated system. Although beginners can also use it, it is better to have certain experience in hydroponic planting.

What growing method are you currently using? If you are interested in hydroponic containers, I hope this information can help you.

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