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List of Hydroponic Fruits and Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors

Growing hydroponic vegetables indoors is a very happy thing. We can grow all kinds of vegetables and fruits to sell or eat by ourselves. However, have you ever encountered such a problem, when you want to grow this kind of vegetables in hydroponics, you find that you can’t grow them, and you can’t master the hydroponics technology well, if so, you can take a look at our hydroponic vegetable cultivation effect.
The hydroponic vegetables we grow indoors include: bitter chrysanthemum, Utah, Garland chrysanthemum, Chinese cabbage, cherry radish, purple cabbage, kale, purple leaf lettuce, parsley and mint. Do you know how to hydroponic these vegetables?
1. Bitter chrysanthemum
Bitter chrysanthemum can be eaten cold, and the method is simple, with antibacterial, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and other effects. We grow it on a hydroponic tower system, and it can be harvested in about thirty or forty days.
 Bitter chrysanthemum
2. Utah cabbage
Wutaicai is very fresh and tender, beautiful in appearance and rich in nutrition. It has many benefits for the human body and can help the human body supplement the vitamins and nutrients it needs daily. Planted on a tower system, you can see how beautiful it is.
Utah cabbage
3. Garland Chrysanthemum
Garland Chrysanthemum is also called chrysanthemum, and its stems can be as high as 70 cm. Especially fried chrysanthemum, mixed with sesame oil, monosodium glutamate, and refined salt, is light and delicious, and is very suitable for hypertensive patients.
4. Chinese cabbage
Cabbage is a vegetable that we often eat. Those who like cabbage can try to grow it. The pak choy produced by hydroponic cultivation has no mold growth in the roots and is very clean.
5. Cherry radish
Cherry radishes are cherry-sized, red-colored, smaller radishes. It tastes crisp and refreshing, and the appearance is very beautiful. Children should like it very much.
6. Purple cabbage
Cabbage is rich in nutrients. Eating cabbage can supplement nutrition, and many people like to eat it. We grow purple cabbage, which grows very large on the tower system, with thicker leaves and beautiful appearance.
 Purple cabbage
7. Kale
Kale looks like a blooming peony flower, so people also call it leaf peony, and its ornamental value and food value are very high.
8. Purple Leaf Lettuce
Purple leaf lettuce is a type of lettuce that is purple in shape and grows beautifully on tower systems, especially with grow lights.
9. Coriander
If you like to eat coriander, you can try hydroponics at home to achieve "coriander" freedom.
10. Mint
As a traditional Chinese medicine, peppermint can treat symptoms such as headaches and toothaches. If we usually use peppermint instead of tea, it can achieve the effect of clearing the heart and improving eyesight.
The above 10 kinds of vegetables are grown indoors on the column system or NFT system. These hydroponic systems are equipped with plant growth lights and waterway systems, which can provide light and water for the growth of vegetables. It can be done indoors in 30 to 40 days. reward. Eating fresh vegetables is easy if you can grow them yourself at home.
You may encounter many problems in the process of growing hydroponic vegetables, such as yellow leaves, short vegetables, etc. Don’t worry if you encounter these problems, you can find problems from the following aspects - light, water and nutrient solution, you control With these few elements in place, hydroponic planting will go smoothly.
For the planting system, you can choose the tower system, the ebb and flow table system or the NFT system. The most important thing is to choose a suitable hydroponic system for planting, so as to achieve better results. You can also communicate with us, and our hydroponic planting experts will answer your questions.
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