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About The Aeroponic Tower System For Sell - Some Questions You Want To Know

Q: I am a beginner in hydroponics, can you tell me how your aeroponics tower system works?
A: Of course, we can show you a video of our aeroponics tower system working and explain to you how it works.
Q: What crops can your hydroponic tower system grow?
A: All green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, etc.
Q: Can you teach me how to install and plant it?
A: Yes, we will provide installation and planting instructions at the post-sale stage.
Q: How many crops can be grown on your tower system?
A: Usually there are 42 planting holes, but the number of layers can be customized according to your needs.
Q: What types of tower systems do you have?
A:We have aeroponic tower systems, rotating tower systems, hanging tower systems and pineapple tower systems, as well as small home tower hydroponic systems.
Hydroponic tower system
Q: If multiple devices are required, can the waterway and circuit be controlled centrally?
A: Yes, we can design centralized irrigation and lighting.
Q:  Do your products have patents?
A:Yes, we can show it to you.
Q:  In which projects can your tower system be used?
A:Large greenhouse projects and hydroponic vertical farms are used a lot, if you want to start other projects, our products can do it too.
Q: Can you introduce the advantages of your hydroponic tower system?
A:sure. The following points are the advantages of our hydroponic tower system:
-100L large water tank with 4 wheels and brakes, easy to move and fix, equipped with water level line and observation hole, easy to observe the internal situation of the water tank at any time.
tower system
- Very easy to install, each layer is a whole, there will be no leakage during use, clean and beautiful.
-Food grade PE material, long service life.
- Equipped with 4 full-spectrum LED lights, IP66 waterproof level, greatly shortening the growth cycle of plants.
- Automatic irrigation with timer.

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